Wednesday 30 April 2014


I have been getting short-sighted lately and need to go to the optician as faraway things are looking a little bit hazy. I thought I'd ask my readers for their tips and advice on wearing glasses...

Maisie says:
I have been wearing glasses for just over ten years and I LOVE them! I'm a violinist and before I wore glasses I couldn't read the music properly - the notes looked blurry, like they were dancing around between the two lines of the stave. Eventually, I got glasses. Almost everyone in my family wears glasses, so I guess I was destined to wear them too! I have three pairs, plus a plastic pair with a bow that I wear over the top of my contact lenses - they look really trendy! There are a few annoying things about them - like when you're drinking tea and you get blinded by a sudden fog of steam on the glass! And I drink a lot of tea and coffee. Glasses are COOL - I wouldn't be me without them!
Victoria says:
I've worn glasses since I was four and I'm twelve now. We discovered the problem when we were in Russia visiting friends of my parents - I had to see an eye doctor there and it turned out one eye was very short-sighted and one less so. I have the right glasses now and my sight has improved - I hope it goes on improving. Having glasses makes me feel different, and I've noticed that boys in my class tend to go for girls without glasses; also when new people start in the class they assume I'm a nerd to begin with. One of my best friends wears contacts and I'd like to try that, but I'm a bit frightened. One day! If I forget to wear my glasses people say, 'Wow, you look so nice!' which makes me feel like they think I look ugly WITH glasses. Overall, I like having glasses but I hope to have perfect sight one day.

Azania says:
I've been wearing glasses since second grade and I have a love-hate relationship with them. They make me look very studious, and that gives a great impression to my teachers, but glasses can be very annoying too. If I finger print them by mistake and the cleaning cloth is not at hand, that's irritating! Nowadays I have started wearing contact lenses every day, and that is working really well - unless I wake late and am too sleepy to put them on in the morning!

Elizabeth says:
I have had glasses since I was ten and they always sit in a wonky fashion on my face because I'm rubbish at taking care of them! In Year Six I made my glasses warp by jamming them in my school tray, and once, in the school loos, they fell off my face when the toilet was flushing and got flushed away. I got them back and had to go on wearing the same pair (cleaned, obviously!) for another year. Arghhh! I'm fourteen now and still not much better at looking after my glasses - but when I do eventually clean them, it's like seeing in HD!

Ari-ka says:
I knew I'd needed glasses for a while but tried to ignore it... Mum made an appointment for me a couple of months ago. My frames are cool - everyone in school wanted to try them on, but a couple of people said I looked like a granny in them! I do find them hard to wear - you could say I haven't quite adjusted yet!

Charlotte says:
I've been wearing glasses since I was two. If people see me without them, they say 'Oh wow, you look so weird without glasses!' They get dirty easily and if I take them off to clean them, people comment and tease all over again... sigh!

Kira says:
I've had glasses since I was seven or eight. At first they were quite weak and nerdy but I have a new, stronger pair and they are much cooler than before! Everyone in my class loves them and are always wanting to try them on!

Grace says:
I got glasses last year after a routine eye test... it turns out I am short sighted and have to wear glasses all the time. My glasses are purple and really pretty, so I'm fine with that!

Sam says:
I got glasses in Year Six; I was supposed to wear them for looking at the board but now I need them full-time and can barely see without them! I have quite cool glasses now and hope I stick with them!

Hannah says:
I'm supposed to wear my glasses for reading and at college but I choose to wear them all the time - they're a part of my look now!

Chloe says:
I've worn glasses since I was about five; to begin with I was the only one who did, and I hated them. People called me 'four-eyes' - arghh! I got used to them and they really don't bother me now.

Amy says:
I've worn glasses since I was two; I should wear them all the time but stopped when I was sixteen as I felt so self-conscious. This was a bad move - my optician says I'm putting so much pressure on my 'good' eye that I'll permanently damage my sight if I go on trying to manage without. Now I have new frames and have customised them so they're the way I want them to be. I'm proud to wear them now - eyesight matters.

Wow... some amazing stories from some very stylish readers, and great tips too! Do YOU wear glasses? What do you think about them? COMMENT BELOW and share YOUR views!


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  2. My parents have been wearing glasses for as long as I remember and my sister recently got glasses cause she got headaches from reading too long! I honestly think glasses are the cutest accessory and I'd love to wear them sometime in my life. I might even have to since my eyesight hasn't been perfect recently. In my english exam today, there was a title in the board I couldn't read. It was just blur and my eyes strained if I tried to. Maybe it was because I was closer to the back? I also could read stuff in the distance I used to be able to in my form room. I obviously won't mind going to an optician and getting glasses but it does concern me that I'm suddenly getting short sighted. My vision used to be picture perfect!

  3. Both my parents wear glasses and now I do too...I find it a bit annoying sometimes, having to make sure they're in my schoolbag all the time. But when I forget to put them on I realise just how much difference they make! If I'm sat at the back of a room trying to read something it's really hard, since I'm short sighted. I have grown to love them though. I can't imagine life without them now!

  4. I had glasses for a few years but halfway through year 7, I got contact. I still use my glasses watching tv but contacts are amazing and easy. I have been using them for a year now.

  5. I have been wearing glasses for about month now and they are already making such a difference.

  6. i don't wear glasses, my eyesight is perfect, but my best friend / 1st cousin has worn them since we had the hearing and seeing test in junior infants so she was four or five ( i can't remember what time of year, and her bday is 13th december). we were taken out of class together, since we are cousins, in the same school and class (i'm just 7 weeks older). when my little brother was nearly two, he had one of those baby tests and the nurse thought he needed glasses. we kept taking him to the eye clinic, and we stopped taking him a few months back cause he knew every letter,he just had a broad nose. my auntie and uncle on mammy's side have glasses and the auntie is my cousins mammy. auntie is longsighted, i think uncle is shortsighted, and so my cousin is LONGsighted. so she doesn't need glasses unless she needs to or wants to see stuff far away from her. my daddy got glasses in college and before i was born he got laser eye surgery. its worn off, and he wears them much more now. he's shortsighted. my friend has two pairs, her 1st are the normal rectangles in purple and her newer ones are even cooler! they are purple too, and have designs on the sides! i don't want glasses and i don't think i'd look right WITH them!

  7. I don't have glasses, but I know loads of people who do, and i've tried most of them on, even boys!

  8. I have a scar in my right eye that prevents me from wearing contacts, as the edge of the lens digs into the raised edge of the scar. I have to wear glasses all the time, and I have broken them quite a few times (most recently last week, when I snapped the hinge whilst playing hockey).

    In the near future, when my eyes have settled down and stopped changing, I'll be able to get my eyes lasered, so I won't have to wear glasses more. I'm not having laser surgery because I hate wearing glasses; the scar puts a lot of strain on my right eye, as it puts pressure on the lens. The only way to stop the pressure building up is to have laser treatment, so they're going to fix the lens in both eyes at the same time.

    I think I will miss my glasses when I don't have to wear them!

  9. So you posted this well over 2 years ago so I assume by now you have most likely had a couple pairs of glasses and even an increase in your glasses prescription which is very common to happen. So how are you getting along with your glasses? How much do you wear them? If you wear your glasses full time now I would assume that they have become quite comfortable to wear and you really hardly ever even think about them unless something gets on your lenses and tyou have to clean them. (retired optician)



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