Sunday 13 April 2014


Redheads are cool... so why do people tease them for their hair colour? It could be because they are unusual and striking and stand out from the crowd... we talk to readers who love their auburn hair!

Georgia says:
I love being ginger! I used to get bullied at school for it and I still get the odd remark, but I've learned to ignore it. I've realised people are just jealous! Ginger hair is cool, and at least people can spot me a mile off!

Chloe A says:

My hair never bothered me until I started high school, when people began to comment and tease. I don't think they meant any harm but it did hurt a bit. I'd always known some people could be mean to gingers but I didn't understand why; to be honest, I still don't. The teasing got worse and began to upset me, but some others told them to stop, and that my hair was a nice colour. The bullies backed off and said they hadn't meant it in a bad way. These days they comment on my hair in a nice way! I'm proud to be ginger, and if anyone out there is suffering because of their hair, be proud, not embarrassed. Red hair is great!

Chloe H says:
Back in Year Five I was bullied about my hair. It got really nasty - people said I was the devil because of my hair colour, which really upset me. I still get the odd nasty remark but these days I just brush it off and try not to react. My best friend was also bullied, so the two of us stuck together. She says we're unique and awesome and i think she's right! Many of my friends and family love my hair and some have actually dyed their hair red too! I guess that proves the bullies wrong; red hair is cool!

Sally says:
Redheads are the best. Last year I was bullied for being ginger but I know the bullies are just jealous - one day they'll be trying to get my hair colour from a bottle! In the past, people used to say that redheads had no souls, which is a scary, awful thing to say. Stuff like that used to upset me, but I know I have more soul than any bully... and that my hair colour is cool and definitely nothing to be ashamed of. If anyone out there is thinking of picking on a redhead, think again - because we are TOUGH and we won't stand for it any more!

Megan says:
Ginger hair makes you stand out - people look at you! It's a Marmite thing... you either love it or hate it. Being ginger gives you that unique feeling... you can walk around knowing there aren't very many redheads in the world, and that you are special! Not long ago I dyed mine a different colour with semi-permanent dye, but I MUCH prefer it ginger. Once it's gone you realise how much you miss the looks and the attention - it's like you have suddenly blended in with everybody else!
Anna says:
My natural hair colour is golden brown, but I'm a born-again redhead! Red hair makes you stand out and for me it's an expression of the true colours inside; I love the colour and also the connotation of all those powerful, independent women with flaming red hair, like Boudicca the famous Celtic warrior queen. I like to stand out and my hair is a form of self-expression - my red hair symbolises my love of adventure, passion for life and also my slightly fiery temper!

Cathy says:
Are you ginger? Or would you ever dye your hair red? I spent decades trying to dye my dark brown hair auburn, without much success... but it is my favourite hair colour. I wrote about a girl who was bullied for being a redhead in my book GINGERSNAPS... check it out, and COMMENT BELOW to tell me how YOU feel about red hair!


  1. I don't understand why people are mean to gingers when lots of famous people were ginger like Queen Elizabeth 1 and Boudica as Anna says and lots more. I bet these women and men didn't get bullied so why are we?

  2. When I go to High school, I'm going to die my hair a deep red. I'm naturally blonde so I might have to take a lighter shade because dye shows up a lot on my hair. But I just love red hair. Blondie

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  4. I love red hair! I haven't got it myself, anyone who has it is extremely lucky. I would like to dye my hair ginger when I'm older BUT my mum won't let me, worst luck…Anyway, what I'm trying to say is: Be proud of your red hair! It's good to be different! And if people tease you its probably because they're jeaulous. (If it gets worse though, tell a responsible adult.)
    Mirain (Mimi) xxx
    P.S You may or may not remember me, Cathy, but I was there when you were doing your talk about Coco Caramel in the Children's Literature Festival in Cardiff. I was right at the end of the line in the book signing cue, and I was wearing stripy black and white leggings and a cropped denim jacket. When my dad took a photo of us together, the phone made a noise, and you said he had a musical phone, remember? :)

  5. I wish i had really bright ginger hair! Its stunning ;) cool people with ginger hair:
    Florence Welsh
    Amy pond (doctor who)
    Elizabeth I
    DAVID BOWIE!!!!! (Love love love him)
    Merida from Brave.

    All epic gingers! ;).

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    2. Doctor who is amazing!!!!!!
      Donna ( who was one of the best doctor who companions) is also ginger

  6. One of my friends are ginger as well. She doesn't really like it when we say "We like your hair today" i don't know why. She didn't get bullied. She is the only red head in the school.

  7. I think if I was lighter skinned red hair would look good on me but if I ever do make my hair red it would be mixed red and black braided extensions. That would look great!

  8. I'm ginger and I'm proud to be ginger!!! Last year a couple of nasty boys took to calling me ''carrot on fire'', [and they weren't jealous of my hair coulor], but i don't care!! my dead grandmother was also ginger, and i still miss her a lot,
    so it feels like i can carry a piece of her around with me. GO GINGYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I have ginger hair and i have heard people say stuff like ginger ninja. But just ignore it they are only jealous. Lots of people actually say to me that i have lovely hair and they would love my hair. So if you are red hair by proud and show of your red hair like you never have before. But as well i don't know why ginger haired people get called names. What so different is it from any other hair? They are still both called hair.

  11. I can't believe people with ginger hair get bullied, I think it looks so cool and pretty! Hamdi:)xxx



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