Monday 28 April 2014


Do you have very long hair... or have you ever wished you did? We talk to readers with fabulously long locks and find out what they love/loathe about it!

Victoria says:

It's fun having long hair - it's totally unique. I can braid it, sit on it, style it any way I want... and it's thick, too, which helps keep out the cold! I can even wrap it round my neck like a scarf! Some people tell me to cut it because they think it looks ugly or is annoying. Sometimes I agree, because there are days when my hair just doesn't want to behave. It can get stuck in between stuff which is a pain, and for sports I have to tie it up tightly. There's too much of it to ever make a bun or a French plait! I've only cut my hair six times in my entire life. I'd like to be an actress when I'm older so I want to keep my hair in case it's needed for a role, but one day I'd like to do 'Locks of Love'. It's an American business where you send off ten inches of your hair and they make it into a wig for a child with cancer. I'd really like to make someone that happy.

Georgia says:

My hair is very long and I LOVE it! You can do all sorts of different styles with long hair so it never gets boring - you're not stuck with just one haircut, the way people with shorter hair are. I'm so glad I grew it because people always comment and compliment me these days, asking how long it took to grow. Long hair can be hard work, obviously... it used to get really knotty which was annoying, but now I have a special brush that keeps my hair perfectly smooth! My mum has to help me with it because I can't always get to all of it on my own - but that's OK because she knows how to do some pretty amazing styles. Here's a picture of how I had it for school today! Cool, huh?
Lauren says:

I really love having long hair because it makes me feel like the elves and heroines in all those cool fantasy stories! It's the most striking thing about me and it's long enough that I can easily tuck it into the pockets in my jeans, which I like. The worst thing is when it gets snagged on door handles - that happens a lot! Sometimes I straighten it and that makes it quite a bit longer. but that never lasts for more than about forty minutes, so most of the time I leave it natural. I'd never cut it, as then I'd be breaking all the countless promises I have made over the years to total strangers who call me Rapunzel and beg me not to ever change it! I feel more unique with long hair... it's part of what makes me 'me'.

Morgan Ruby says:

I have always had long hair. Apart from the odd trim, I never really had a proper cut. I loved it when I was small... it made me feel different and cool. As time went on, though, it got longer and was so thick it was actually really difficult to manage. At its longest it was actually way past my knees! Washing my hair became a huge hassle - it would take over an hour and there was no way I could manage it by myself... there was just too much hair! It would get really knotty, too. Suddenly, there was no fun in having long hair any more; I just couldn't do anything with it. In the end, my mum got fed up and cut it for me. We were going to donate it, but it wasn't in good enough condition, so we didn't. My hair is still long, but much more manageable now and easier to cope with. I'm happy!

Manda says:
My hair is a couple of inches below waist length. Sometimes I have to put it in a bun for dance shows/ exams or ice skating, and that is NOT easy with so much hair - I have to use a lot of hairspray and pins to get it to behave. If I've just washed it, though, it goes all wispy and is impossible to control! When I was younger I didn't brush it as much as I should have and it could get very tangled... it's much easier now! I've thought of cutting it but I'd miss being able to do so much with it. I had a fringe a few years back, badly cut - by me - but lots of styles just didn't suit it. If I ever do cut it, I'll donate it to the Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children who have lost their hair through illness.

Vasillina says:

I love having long hair. You can style it in so many ways compare to shorter styles, although I can't really curl it - my hair weighs a ton and is stretches out the curls so they just drop out again. Waves work, though. I need a LOT of shampoo and conditioner just to keep it clean and shiny. Sometimes my mates take my hair and try to choke me with it for a joke... and I have been known to use it as a scarf when I'm cold! I would like to grow it longer, too. By the time it reaches my ankles I plan to cut it some if it to give to girls with cancer. When you have long hair, you just can't really picture yourself with short hair!

Cathy says:
Would YOU have the patience to grow your hair long and keep it that way? Or do you think a short, sharp crop is cooler? I had a short, 'bowl-cut' haircut as a child and always dreamed of long hair - which probably why my hair is still long now! I do find it easier to look after now it's just below shoulder length, though! COMMENT BELOW to tell us YOUR views! 


  1. I like my hair to be short. Who says we're stuck with just one hairstyle? It can be left flat, spiked up at the back or the front or all over, mohawkified, quiffed, straightened and I even managed to curl my hair once. That's before we even get onto all the different colours we can dye it (it costs a lot less than dying long hair). I prefer short hair.
    Blue :-)

  2. My hair is quite long just a few centimetres past my waist though it's not too long so I can do lots of styles and curl it and put it in a bun. Blondie

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  4. My hair used to be as long as these girls hair and I absolutely LOVED it! Unfortunately, I had to get it cut on Easter and now it's quite short. It makes it easier to handle but I think it looked better before. :(

  5. I have a jaw length bob and I love it! I do think long hair is gorgeous but I like mine how it is because it is so easy to look after!

  6. My hair is long, quite long when I straighten it is past waist length by an inch or two, but I like it and who cares if not everybody likes it tough it's my hair!!!

  7. I'm growing my hair so that it can be long but for now it's just past my shoulders

  8. I wish I could grow my hair long. I'd feel like a princess! But unfortunately for me my hair has no gravitational pull. It's super frizzy and when I comb it out it just flows into a huge puff! Straightening it will only last a few hours! That's why extensions exist!!!

  9. My hair is down to about my waist, but luckily it doesn't really tangle much. I grew it to shoulder length when I was little, then had it cut to a bob just below my jaw during the middle of primary school. Then I've been growing it out since. I get the ends trimmed every few months but I haven't had it cut properly for years! I love that I can do loads of different styles with it :)

  10. I have hair past my shoulders but not pass my waist! It looks so cool to have long hair though and 1 of my best friends has realy long hair and she's ombred it so it looks really cool! Hamdi:)xxx

  11. I used to have fairly long hair but the hairdresser made a mistake and cut too much off. It grows so slowly as its really curly, but it's just about chest length now. It might not grow much more as its so curly, but I'll try my best!



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