Monday 7 April 2014


Cathy says: 
apologies in advance... shameless plug alert!

Are you a Chocolate Box Girls addict? Good news... a new mini book exclusively for kindles/e-readers is out now... don't miss out!

Hopes & Dreams: Jodie's Story is an 'extra' mini book to accompany my Chocolate Box Girls series... it offers some background to the main story, all from the viewpoint of Summer's dance school friend, Jodie.

When Summer is too ill to take her place at Rochelle Academy, Jodie is given the chance of a full-time ballet education. How can she stop herself from feeling second-best? Hopes & Dreams looks at courage, confidence and a friendship struggling to survive the tough times. You'll find out how Summer is getting on and also a few hints on how Honey is coping with life in Australia!

Hopes & Dreams is the second of this year's mini e-books - the first was Chocolates & Flowers: Alfie's Story. If you like these bite-size mini books (and at 99p, who wouldn't?) look out for two more coming later in the year... one from Finch's point of view and one from Lawrie's. Don't say I'm not good to you! (And if you missed Bittersweet, Shay's story, which was a World Book Day book in 2013, don't panic... that one is now available as a kindle download, too!

If you don't have an e-reader, don't despair... my lovely publishers Puffin are working on ways to get one or two of the mini books to you in paper form, as well... although if that does happen, it probably won't be until next year. Meanwhile, try borrowing an e-reader from a friend or parent, so you don't miss out on the extra storylines!

What with all that going on, it'd be easy to forget that my 5th 'big' book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, Sweet Honey, is out on 5th June. You can always pre-order to make sure you get to read it as soon as it's released. Don't miss out - Honey's story has a few surprises in store!

You can order Hopes & Dreams: Jodie's Story here...

Which Chocolate Box sister is your favourite character? And which 'extra' Choc Box character would YOU like to hear more from? COMMENT BELOW to share your thoughts and views!


  1. I like Coco best cause she's kind and caring about animals like me but i'd like to hear about the backstory of Finn and the tv crew. Blondie

  2. I am definitely getting Hopes & Dreams! I have to! My favourite character is between Cherry and Skye cause they're such creative people and I love both their fashion senses. I would like to hear from one of Skye's school friends. It be really cool to have a story from one of them since you don't know much about them!

  3. Coco is my favourite character as we are very similar! I think a story from the chocolate box girls mum, dad, or step dad would be good, as it would be interesting to get an adults view on the things that have been happening. Definitely getting Hopes & Dreams! (p.s, very excited right now, as I have got into the top 3,500 entries for the Chris Evans 500 words competition! Never expected anything to come of it, but yey! :-) Has anyone else entered? If so goood luck to you all!!!!)

    1. Hey Caitlin - I entered last year, nothing came of it for me but good luckk (can't enter - im 14)

    2. Oh, that's cool! I can only just enter. I'm 14 just after it. This is the first (and last!) time I've entered, and I'm in a creative writing club at school, so that might have something to do with it! My teacher really helps us! And thank you for the luck!!!

  4. I like Skye because I also have a love of vintage things! I read Hopes and Dreams last week and again today, and I absolutely love it! I love the mini ebooks, and hope they can be paper books in the future too.

  5. I like Honey because of her strong personality. I would love to have a mini book about charlottes story or Paddys



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