Wednesday 9 April 2014


Are you crazy about horses, like Coco in my book Coco Caramel? We talked to some readers who are, and find out more about what it's really like to have a horse...

Chloe says:
I'm fifteen years old and live in the Scottish countryside. My main hobby is horse riding - I have three horses of my own. The pony I ride the most is called Paddy - his show name is Quilca Ariel, which I use when entering competitions. I first leant to ride when I was eight. I went to local riding schools until I got my first pony, Paddy, when I was eleven. I love horses and horse riding because I have such a strong bond with my horses. Riding is exciting but it's also a really good way of chilling out after a stressful day! Horses really are a big part of my life and take up a lot of time... it IS hard work. They need so much care and attention.

I'd love to go to university and become a vet. Along with that, I'd love to carry on with my passion of horse riding... I suppose the ultimate dream would to be a professional rider! If anyone reading is interested in learning to ride, I would totally recommend it - go along to your local riding stables and give it a go!

Chantel says:
I 'loaned' a horse called Rocky for six weeks over the summer, and it was amazing. I went to the stables twice a week to ride and groom him, and muck out his stable. I loved the chores, because they made me feel closer to him! The six weeks flew by - Rocky made me happy no matter what! I learned a lot about what it is like to have a pony and how to gain a pony's trust, and I'd love to have my own pony one day. There wasn't a bad moment that I can think of, apart from when the six weeks were up and the loan came to an end... he really is the best pony ever! I recommend that anyone interested in horses check to see if their local stables have a loan scheme, too...

Laura says:
I've owned Delyn for nearly seven years now. He's so cheeky and always makes people laugh by smiling that them... yes, really! He has become quite famous in our village - sometimes he escapes his field and goes to visit the neighbours! His worst habit is rolling - he waits till I've just groomed him and he's all nice and clean and then rolls in the muddiest part of the field so I have to start all over again! One of his favourite tricks is leaning out of his stable door and turning the lights on and off with his nose!
There are ups and downs to owning a horse. The downs include falling off, me on the floor and him nearby waiting for me to pick myself up and get back on! It's tough too in winter when you have to be up and outside at six to look after him when all you really want to do is stay in bed, but there are many upsides too. Most of my best friends ride and if I didn't have Delyn I'd never have met them... he's helped me make some amazing friends over the years. The absolute best thing about having a pony is that they will be your best friend. No matter what mood you're in, your pony helps you forget your troubles... you just can't not smile when you're around them. When you're riding you're no longer alone, you're in a partnership. It takes both horse and rider to succeed - there's no 'i' in team. That's what having a pony is like - you're a team.

Connie says:
My horse is called Zennah. Having a horse is rewarding but also hard work. All the mucking out and cleaning, the early mornings and the commitment and the time I have to give her... it sometimes means less time with my friends. It is all worth it, though, because the rewards are endless.
When I have a bad day and I'm feeling down, Zennah makes everything better. I can tell her anything and she won't ever spread my secrets. When I ride her I have complete trust - I feel so proud of her when she does everything I ask and when everything comes together at a competition or at home. We had so much fun together and shared so many great experiences... I cannot imagine a life without horses in.

Cathy says:
I'd have loved a pony when I was growing up, but it wasn't possible... perhaps that's why I've written 'horsey' books, Scarlett and Coco Caramel! A bit of wish-fulfillment! COMMENT BELOW to tell me YOUR fave animal... or maybe which of the gorgeous horses featured here you like the best! Do you have a horse or pony, or go to riding lessons? We're looking for pony-mad readers for another DREAMCATCHER feature soon... if you'd like to take part, email your details and interest here - YOU might be starring in a DREAMCATCHER post soon!


  1. Even I'd love a pony! They are so beautiful and mystical... But since I live smack dab in the middle of a city no such luck for me!

  2. I've always wanted a horse because I am definitely pony-mad! Unfortunately, keeping them is just so expensive and I live in a city so I can't have one. I go riding at some stables just outside the city about once a week or fortnight, and it is the best part of my week!

  3. I used to do riding lessons but I had to stop because the horses and ponies with white fur shed a lot and made me allergic. But I still know how to ride them. Blondie

  4. I always loved ponies and horses as a child. Living in a tiny town in a working class family, I never had the chance to take riding lessons but Mum did have a friend who owned 3 horses and once we went out on them. I rode a Shetland pony called Charlie. He was awesome but he kept stopping to snack on foliage and I had to stop myself slipping off! My room was filled with stuffed toy ponies then. If I was given another chance to ride a horse, I'd take it although I prefer motorcycles now. My brother's scared of horses. He says that they're "bigger in real life". None of this is relevant in any way, I'm babbling again. Ta-ra! :-)

  5. This is gonna sound so out of the ordinary but I LOVE Zebras! They're so cute and quirky and they rhyme with my name! My favourite zebra character is the one in Madagascar! He's too funny!!!

    1. I love zebras too! I think they are amazing! Did you know that zebras are black with white rather than white with black? I think that's correct anyway! X

  6. I have a horse called Shorty. He is pretty fat because of the weather I cant ride him much. Many horses like sugar or carrot but my horse LOVES bread. He just loves it. My horse was a surprise from my dad. Me and my brother thought are surprize would be a big ice-cream or something but boy were we wrong! It was a horse. I love him and cant wait to start riding him again!

  7. I looove horse riding. I ride often and my favourite horse to ride (at my local stables) is an all white called william. I have my own horse a red called chester but i ride other horses at the stables to gain more confidence and be more flexible with the horses specififc needs I loove to ride!

  8. I love horse riding I go every Friday at five and I have learned so much! my favourite pony is called Taz a 14.2hh bay and he is utterly gorgeous he is so energetic and if I want to go over a jump he will leap over the jump with a meter to spare almost as if he was competing in the badminton horse trials cross country!



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