Wednesday 30 April 2014


Do your pets mean the world to you? We talk to readers about their cool pets and what makes them so special...

Alexandra says:
I have a three year old tortoise named Blaize and two bearded dragons named Cleopatra and Napoleon.  The bearded dragons (a kind of lizard) have been here for just a week and already one of them has escaped and the other has tried to... they are very beautiful but I have to feed them live worms and locusts which is not so good! I do love them to bits, though! My pet tortoise is just awesome, though - she is very laid back and happy to just sit on my lap and be cuddled while I read a book or do some maths work!

Elise says:
I have a cat called Tigger I got a year ago from the NSPCA - I fell in love with him. He sleeps on my bed all the time and every now and then I buy him treats. I also have a dog, Chester... he is eight now which is amazing, as he was born with diabetes and not expected to live more than six or seven years. He has recently has some surgery on his legs and now he runs like a puppy again! Every day my pets are there for me - they love and comfort me, and I like to do the same for them!

Sunny says:

Tintin is a mixed-breed dog - I'd say she was my pet but in many ways she's my best friend! She's my life, and she makes every day special. We adopted her from a rescue centre five days after she had been abandoned there. I take her on daily jogs and she is walked at least three times a day. I love her so much, and she's so loyal - I had an accident on my bike and she kept me happy while I was recovering. Tintin is a hero - today, tomorrow, forever.

Rebecca says:
I have a cat called Buttons - this picture just sums her up perfectly! I've had her since she was a kitten so I suppose in a way we have grown up together. I don't know what I would do without her! She's always very adventurous and daring - once she brought a live bird into the house, which flew up into my dad's face! Yikes. She's getting a bit old now but present her with a bot of string or a ribbon and it's like she's two again. She's the best cat in the world - along with my other cat, Milly - and I wouldn't want her any other way!

Charlotte says:

This is my Syrian hamster, Muffin... he is 63 weeks old today (yes, I count the weeks...) so that's a year and a few months. We got him from a local(ish) pet shop and I managed to tame him, and he is SO lovely! He used to escape and hide under the dresser all the time, but we got him a different cage and he's much happier and safer and unable to escape. He's really special to me!

Is YOUR pet extra awesome? COMMENT BELOW to tell us why...


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  2. My cat is so cute- his name's Jack, and he was a birthday present (kinda) from our local pet rescue charity. Every now and then he brings in a bird, and, alive or dead, I'm often the one who clears up... Although, whilst on holiday, my neighbours had to clean up- Sorry! Jack's a tabby with white patches, and, a couple of months ago, got himself into a right mess. He came home, after just under 24 hours of being missing, with no external wounds, but with internal bleeding. The vet suspected a broken rib, at first, but, after two or three x-rays, (and sleeping pills) she found that he had a hole in a muscle. His organs had been pushed up, through the hole. But no surgery was needed, as Jack healed himself- with the vet's help.

  3. they do, I have 3 cats and 2 bunnies but my family also has dogs and rabbits. one cat has 3 legs idk how come and they are named blacky, jasper, princess, bunnies- kiki, and layla. I went vegetarian because I love animals, and I want to be a vet or work at a zoo and get a monkey or koala something like that. I just love animals so much.

  4. I have a cat and a guinea pig. We used to have two sisters but then my first one-Stripey- died from a tumor. My sister also had one called Licquorice but she died of old age. My guinea pig now is called Pudding and she is really cute. She came from a rescue centre where she had two little guinea pigs. Blondie

  5. I have a dog (well she actually belongs to my stepmom) called lily. She is the best dog ever! If she wants to play catch she puts the tenis ball on your lap, she dosnt need a lead when we go for a walk because she doesn't run ahead ( although we take one anyway) and dosnt pinch your food when you leave it unatended. She is great to talk to and loves to play sock!, love u lily xx

  6. I have two dogs and a cat. My cat used to live inside the house until my stepdad came with his dog. His dog hates cats (obviously!) so Whiskey (my scabby tabby) became a 'wild' cat. I still feed him and cuddle him. He comes back home everyday! Who said dogs are the only loyal animals?



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