Thursday 17 April 2014


Is there one particular sport you really, really love? Readers spill the beans on their favourite ways of keeping fit and healthy!

Kayla says:
I play lacrosse, and my team recently won our first tournament! There are a lot of rules; in our tournament, you couldn't hit the the opposing teams stick if it was above waist level, and definitely not across the body. Boy's lacrosse has a lot more contact, apparently, but we get to have the occasional shoulder barge! There's a lot of running about and marking players, and the aim is to get the ball up the pitch and into the goal. When you manage that, it's really exciting! Lacrosse is quite an unusual sport in secondary schools still. If more schools played it, we'd be able to do more tournaments... give it a go!
Morgan Ruby says:
I enjoy running because I can't do many sports, but this one I can! Long distance running shows you how to pace yourself; if you sprint off at the start you'll get a stitch and have to stop. I found out I enjoyed running from doing Cross Country in PE at school, and I'd love to try out for the school team. I like the feeling of achievement you get when you complete a race - and begin to set your goal further! It's not really a team sport, but you are still competing - and you learn a lot about yourself in the process!

Lucy says:
I first got into karate from watching a TV programme  about a boy who did it - he was great! A friend told me there was a club in the village so I went along, slightly nervous - I had no idea what to expect! The teacher was treat and right from the first warm-up I enjoyed it - when I got home I started to practise right away as I loved it so much! My friend left after a while, but I was a red belt by then and totally hooked. I entered a competition and came first in the under-10s section, and I'm a brown belt, which is one of the highest grades in my class. We have to learn four gradings a year, but it's good fun... and when I'm 13 I can try out for my black belt! Watch out world!

Elise says:
Last year I didn't do any sports, and then a couple of months ago I started at the gym and began to do after-school sports. One of the sports was hockey, and I got hooked on it really quickly! It has become a part of me and I can't actually imagine life without it, now! Pretty soon I was being picked to play inter-schools matches, and now I even have my own hockey stick. I love being part of a team and I love the rush of excitement when I'm playing a match... I play in defence but when your team scores a goal it's an amazing feeling!

What's YOUR favourite sport or exercise? COMMENT BELOW if you'd like us to feature it in DREAMCATCHER or just share your own sporty stories here!


  1. Wow I didn't think I would actually get in to the dreamcatcher!!!!

  2. I played lacrosse in primary school but it didn't run for very long. It's a shame, because I really enjoyed playing it! I would love to pick it up again, but I don't know where to look! Maybe I should start my own university lacrosse team...

  3. Lacrosse seems amazing, I'm thinking of playing it soon, but I'm not sure where I can find a place where girls play lacrosse. Lacrosse seems energetic and fun. I'm thinking during the summer I might go to summer school of lacrosse(If there is any) So I can take a part! My favourite sport is indoor athletic such as; Shot-put, discus and javelin.

  4. Roller-blading. Fun!

  5. I go horse-riding, and I walk with my mum - we went on a HUGE walk last summer!

  6. I do netball, it's fun and it's free (for me anyway). We switch positions and I just love the sport. Blondie

  7. I do Fencing and have done for a few years now.

  8. I love swimming it's one of the only sports I do because it pretty much keeps me fit especially at the level I do it.

  9. I play soccer because i love the feeling of adrenalin i get

  10. I play netball. I've been looking for a team to play with for ages, and now one of my teachers has said that she might set one up!
    In my school, the only teams for girls are athletics, senior hockey (and I'm a junior) and possibly netball. Teams for boys include: football, rugby, athletics, cricket, cycling (no, I don't know) and basketball. Sexist much?
    I love netball because it's so freeing and I love the feeling when you get a ball in the net! It's makes me feel weightless and like I'm flying.
    Before I came up to high school, my primary school team played against another primary school, and now we're really good friends with the girls in that team! My teacher said she'll only start netball if enough people want to play it, so I'm going to start recruiting!
    In my other team, I had to miss tons of games against other schools, because they were on a Monday and my mum works on a Monday. I'm not letting that happen again!
    I feel passionately about netball and I think everyone should try it, even boys!



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