Monday 14 April 2014


Stuck for ideas to make Easter eggstra special this year? (Sorry, couldn't resist!) We have some cool make-it ideas that will liven up your school holidays!

Amelia says:
Our primary school had an Easter Farmer's Market recently and we all made 'Easter Bunny' hot chocolate kits to sell. Each kit had enough ingredients to make one luxury hot chocolate: drinking chocolate powder, marshmallows, smarties, mini choc chips, sugar strands, hundreds & thousands, etc. We made cellophane cones and filled them with the ingredients and tied them up with pretty ribbon... very cool! They looked great and tasted even better!

Ros (Amelia's mum) says: 
At the same school fair, the children made chocolate lollies... they're not tricky, why not have a go? Set out a baking tray with baking paper laid onto it. Melt chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water or in a bowl in microwave. (If using micro, choc takes between 1-2 mins to melt... do it in short stages and keep checking, as you do NOT want to burn it!) An adult can help with the chocolate melting if you're not sure. Spread dollops of melted chocolate onto the baking paper and insert a lolly stick, making sure there is enough chocolate around it so it will dry firmly. Decorate with mini eggs, chocolate stars, sugar strands or sugar flowers.

Emily says:
I've just broken up from uni for Easter and what better excuse to make some Easter cupcakes? The recipe I've used is ultra-easy and the cakes make perfect gifts... or you could keep them all for yourself, ahem! With Easter cupcakes, you can go mad with the decorating. I've used buttercream icing, mini eggs and pink and white sugar balls to complete, but you could try a different look and add chocolate chunks, edible decorations like printed rice-paper butterflies or even those cute non-edible Easter chicks perched on top! The full recipe is on my 'Emily's Cooking Club' blog - just click the link to find it, and enjoy your Easter baking!

Cathy Cassidy says:
Every Easter we make a little Easter tree... it's cool and it's very easy! I just cut some branches from the blossom trees in the garden - this year the plums were flowering at just the right time, but when I lived in Scotland I used to take a walk and look for willow trees with catkins. Anything spring-like is good! If you don't have access to blossom or catkin branches, buy some pretty twisty branches from a flower shop. It doesn't have to be big - it's not really a 'tree' but pretty branches that can be decorated. Arrange them in a vase (I always use a vintage enamel jug but whatever you have is fine) and hang with Easter decorations! Mine are little wooden painted eggs, chicks and bunnies bought from a gift shop long ago, but supermarkets do similar decos, including little chocolate eggs that can be hung from the branches. Or you could tie on bright ribbon and perch little fluffy chicks on the branches!

Will YOU be celebrating Spring in style? COMMENT BELOW to share your Easter makes and traditions! 


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  2. We normally make an Easter tree too!

  3. Every year we make some sort of cake to celebrate easter. All those ideas- Easter cupcakes, chocolate lollies, ect. look great.



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