Saturday 26 April 2014


Have you ever watched RIVERDANCE and wished you could dance like that? Irish dancing is hugely popular, and not just in Ireland! We talked to some readers who know their jigs from their reels...

Megan says:
When I was six, I went to my granddad's 80th birthday party and a family friend got up to dance. From that moment on I knew that I wanted to be a dancer, and my sister and I began to go to Irish dancing lessons. We dance 3-4 times a week now. I LOVE dancing - it's not just my hobby but my life. I love competing, and next week I am going to London to compete in the World Irish Dancing Championships. When we have competitions we have to wear stage make up and fake tan, and our dresses are so elaborate too! For competitions I wear a bun wig and I have to pin my own hair up to the wig so it looks like my own hair; I don't like wearing wigs because they hurt your head as you have to use so many grips! My dress isn't heavy which is mad because there are lots of diamonds on it! Irish dancing has taught me self discipline and it has definitely improved my confidence, too. I couldn't imagine not dancing.

Mia says:
I live in Wales and I started Irish dancing when I was nine. My friend Caitlyn had been dancing since she was five, and I used to love watching her in the Summer Spectaculars in Tenby. I told my mum I'd love to be able to do that too, and a few months later I started lessons. On my first lesson I learnt to do 'hop-2-3's' and did them everywhere; then I learnt the 'bungrad reel'. I got my first pair of dance shoes and wore them like slippers all around the house! The dresses are expensive, but my friend was selling one second hand; I tired it on for the first time at my nan's house, and it was a perfect fit. It was still expensive, but my nan said she'd pay for it and I was so happy! A few months later my nan died, and I promised myself I would keep on dancing and make my nan proud. Since then I have been trying my very hardest at dance.

Aoife says:
I do Irish dance, and I love it. When I dance I can forget about everything else and be totally free. I don't dance competitively any more, I just dance because it makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. I love the traditional Irish music and hearing the rhythms and sounds that my feet make with the hard Irish dancing shoes. The first time I watched Riverdance when I was five, I knew I wanted to do Irish dancing. I did ballet between the ages of four and eight and then I began Irish dancing.
My teacher is amazing and always inspires me to become even better. Irish dancing has taught me so many things, from having good posture to being able to remember step sequences. There are two styles of Irish dance... 'Feis' dancing is the one with the wigs, the sparkly dresses and the fake tan; 'Festival' dancing is much more traditional, and that's the kind I do.
There are two types of shoes used... the hard shoes are mostly about rhythm, and the soft shoes are about being light on your feet. I live in Northern Ireland, and Irish dancing is really popular here. I recommend it to everyone and to all ages... it's a great workout, and it's never too late to start! Irish dancing is such an important part of my life - I would feel lost without it.

Have you ever tried Irish dancing? Would you like to? COMMENT BELOW to share your feedback and views, and do check out classes in your area... you know you want to!


  1. I do Irish dancing and I love it. I don't really dance competitively but I would like to!

  2. I don't do irish dancing but I would like to have a go

  3. I did Irish dancing for four years, then stopped for a term because my mom had a major surgery and couldn't drive for six weeks. I was meant to go back, but I chose to do cricket for a term. And then, I never went back... I didn't know why at the time and I still don't know why now, but I've decided to start again in California, and I have my first lesson tomorrow! I have missed it. I love the music, I love dancing. ♥

  4. I live in a place where there are so many irish dancing classes it's daunting.I did try it about six years ago but had to stop because I had no lift, but I have taken up theatre and love it.

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  6. In some Irish primary schools (like my old one), Irish dancing is compulsory! I've always admired it, but after 6-7 years I could hardly do my one-two-threes... I'd love to learn it properly. Some of my classmates went (and placed in) world competitions!



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