Tuesday 8 April 2014


Readers share their favourite Cathy Cassidy books with you... check them out! There could be one or two you haven't read yet... ;o)

Autumn says:
DRIFTWOOD is my favourite. Joey is awesome, she is headstrong and sassy which is refreshing, even if she is fictional. And I like Paul. Even through the bullying, he remains himself rather than changing. And the kittens are SO CUTE! I love kittens! Who doesn't? I like that the book deals with two serious topics: what happens to kids with no parents (fostering and adoption) and self harm. Although they weren't detailed too much, the fact that they were there was good enough for me and I'm sure loads of other readers appreciated it too. The book is set SO close to where I live. So many books are set in London or in England that it was exciting to read a book set close to Dumfries. Anyway, it's my favourite book all round. Aside from these individual aspects, the plot's strong, the writing's engaging (as always) and the characters are developed really well. I no longer have the book, sadly... we used to live in an 18th century house where things went mysteriously missing all the time. So ghosts stole my copy of Driftwood. What can I say? Ghosts with good taste...

Isabel says:
My favourite CC book is SUMMER'S DREAM - it really inspired me to reach for my dreams but keep a balance with my family and friends too. It's got a great ballet theme which all dancers will enjoy and also gives a very important message about not letting pressure get to you. I like how you find out about Summer's past and how you can really feel her emotions. It shows that nobody is perfect - and you shouldn't try to be. This is a perfect story for dreamers who give their all in everything they do.

Saffy says:
My favourite CC book is SCARLETT. She reminds me so much of me in a way, because I like being rebellious - not that i would ever have climbed out of a window to run away! I also love the red hair matching her bright and fiery personality. I love Kian's character, so dark and mysterious. A favourite part was when Clare pieced some of Scarlett's old clothes into a patchwork quilt, and when Clare was taken to hospital during a powercut by a couple who stopped to buy eggs!

Laura says:
My favourite Cathy Cassidy book is GINGERSNAPS! Where to begin? I can relate to Ginger in so many ways. I didn't have many friends when I was younger, and when I did make friends I often tried to impress them... so this book is a lot like my life. Ginger is like a real-life friend; she's amazing. And then there's heart-throbbing boy Sam who plays the saxophone (like me!). He encouraged Ginger to be herself. If I ever have a boyfriend I'd love him to be like Sam! These days, I have good friends who like me for who I am... like Ginger, I no longer have to hide who I am. Ginger and Sam, the boy with so many different hats... I love them both. I love this book... it's so beautiful and clever.

Vicky Louise says:
MARSHMALLOW SKYE is my favourite CC book. The very first page of this book is magical - it hooked me in and it inspired me to write. Skye is such an individual... she started dreaming about Finch, and it was so real I started having the same dreams! (Well, who wouldn't dream about Finch?) It is such an enchanting book, by far the best I have ever read. I have even started wearing vintage myself... Skye's personality made a big impact on me! I totally recommend - you'll love it!

What's YOUR fave Cathy Cassidy book? COMMENT BELOW to tell us!


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  2. I Love this Because its nice to know other people thoughts and feelings towards these books and there many resons behind why they like it.it could be about something in the past,family,friends or anything and its nice to see what a fellow readers thoughts are on the same book that is my favourite aswell (scarlett)

  3. My absolute favourite has to be Angel Cake hands down! I'm just addicted to Anya and I love how beautiful and mysterious Dan sounds. Plus the cupcake shop REALLY reeled me in! Angel Cake is just so so SOOO enchanting! I love it sooo much!

  4. My favourite is Love, Peace and Chocolate for many reasons. Firstly, it's original. Secondly, the idea of a friendship festival is really inspiring!! And thirdly? My name is Jess just like one of the main characters.

  5. My favorite book is definitely Driftwood, because I love the way that one minute you'll be crying, the next laughing. It's one of those books that you can't put down. :)

  6. Alexandra king8 April 2014 at 22:16

    My favourite cc book is marshmallow Skye because I absolutely love ballet just like her and I have long blonde hair (also like her I believe) x

    1. I think you might have made a booboo, skye quit ballet! I think you mean summer. ;)

  7. Alexandra king8 April 2014 at 22:21

    I meant to put summer just realised which chocolate box girl I put. I am very easily confused!

  8. I love Coco Caramel because I really relate to her. She loves animals and so do I. She loves helping animals and well so do I. I would love to be her friend and be aloud to help her with Caramel and Spirit. I haven't even finished the book and I'm hooked. She is my favourite sister and ruffle my age. I would love to try won of her panda cupcakes. They sound LOVELY!

  9. my fave cc book is.... well i like all of them and it is very hard to choose but.....
    Marshmallow Skye. It is kinda creepy when she gets the dreams but they are cool as well.

  10. Dizzy :) I like how it's set in the country that I live in, Scotland. Dizzy and Fin even visit a place really near to me, so close that I can see it.

  11. All of Cathy's books are amazing! I especially love Summers Dream and Indigo Blue. They ate very inspirational and show that if you work for something, you can get it.

  12. I luv Summer's Dream!

  13. My favourite book is marshmallow skye.

  14. my favourite cc book has got to be scarlett because i like the way she tries to fit in and then eventually she does. i also like the way clare believes in scarlett and knows that she can be good


  16. Mine has to be Sundae Girl. I have read it millions of times because it is just such a brilliant and well written book. I bought Scarlett the other day. I love Scarlett because it shows that you can let your inner you shine out and be who ever you want to be. I think all of Cathy's books have inspiring aspects and they are so interesting because they relate to common teenage problems really. I love Angel Cake and Chocolate box girls. And Ginger snaps. They are all AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  17. OMG I LOVE THEM ALL. I can't decide they are all that good. Cathy, your books have inspired me to write my own stories. If I had to pick I would probably have to pick Gingersnaps.



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