Tuesday 22 April 2014


More cool readers share their reviews of their favourite Cathy Cassidy book... and why it made such an impression on them. Take a look... you might want to try their top picks too!

Michaela says:
My favourite CC book is SCARLETT. Why? There are lots of reasons. Let's start with when we first met; it was my ninth birthday. Dad gave me The Tales of Beedle The Bard by JK Rowling and Scarlett. I loved Harry Potter so I read that one first, then a month later picked up Scarlett with no enthusiasm. After an hour I was hooked. I was so ANGRY with Scarlett, like no character before in any book I;d ever read. I was sure it was my favourite book long before I finished reading and I am still sure now. Now I am older, I find I understand her feelings more. You could say I grew up with Scarlett. I don't care if I'm 9, 12, 13 or 20, I think Scarlett will always be in my heart. I will still want her red hair and arguments! I live in Czech Republic and read the books in Czech, but if my dad hadn't bought that copy of Scarlett I would never have found Cathy Cassidy and life just wouldn't be the same.

Azania says:
I live in India so Cathy Cassidy's books are not always easy to find - but they are worth it! My favourite has to be DIZZY... it's a really beautiful piece on families. On how even if your family is messed up, or like a jigsaw puzzle missing a few integral pieces, like Dizzy's and Mouse's... well, what really matters is the love that binds that family together, not the blood. What complements this family story is the caramel-coated romance of Dizzy and Finn, which really appeals without being too jarring. It's not too full-on, which I like because it doesn't eat away at the main plot - it's just perfectly balanced. Dizzy is just a perfect concoction of family bonding, friendship, drama, romance and tears.

Victoria says:
I live in Denmark, and my favourite book is definitely Angel Cake. It shows you how the UK seems on first impressions, from someone arriving from overseas. Being 30% Polish, I could relate to Anya a little bit and how she was worried all the time. Going to an international school I know exactly what it's like to have people asking if you can speak English; I haven't experienced it myself, but I have seen it happen to others. This is a beautiful story about finding happiness in an unknown and unlikely place, and I love it.

Mary-Joy says:
I live in Australia and Summer's Dream is my favourite CC book. It's a book anyone can relate to - when you fight for a dream that could be once-in-a lifetime and you won't stop, can't stop. The book shows what happens if you fight too hard. Friends and family notice that Summer is making herself ill - I liked the character of Alfie, who knew the best way to get through to Summer and help her recovery. I've read Chocolates & Flowers, the e-book mini that tells Alfie's story, and I loved that too. The Chocolate Box Girls series touches on real family issues and dramas, and I can't wait for Honey's book now!

Hassana says:
I am from Lagos, Nigeria, and I have just discovered Cathy Cassidy's books. They are bliss to me... I am a huge, massive fan! Every time I read one of them, I feel like I am in that world and I don't want to come out. So far I have only been able to read Scarlett, Sundae Girl and Shine On Daizy Star, I borrowed them from a friend so sadly I don't actually own them,  but I plan to find and read some more this year! I wasn't really a fan of teen books or novels before this - I was more into science textbooks - but these books have changed me. I am even making a Cathy Cassidy fanpage to spread the word so that more teenagers read the books!

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  1. I come from New Zealand, and my favourite book is Marshmallow Skye. I've read all the published CC books, but I felt like I could relate to Skye the most... the book really pulled me in, like I was in Skye's shoes, and the events and characters in the story seemed real.

  2. I live in turkey, and I'm OBSESSED with CC's books!! They're AMAZING!! It's a shame that I cannot find many of cathy's books :(, so its a really happy moment when I get one !! My fave has to be Indigo Blue, because I really understand how she feels about her family. I love ALL CC books.. Indi's story is just a #1!! Then it's probably Marshmallow Skye, then Cherry Crush!!! AAHH!! I CANNOT DECIDE!! :P

  3. Londoner and Victoria beautifully mentioned Angel Cake! My fave book EVA seriously! I don't even think I'd have seen the amazement of cupcakes if it wasn't for Anya falling in love with a baker's son!



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