Monday 28 July 2014


CC readers spill the beans on what they think of the latest book in the Chocolate Box Girls series…

Sophie says:
I always felt I understood Honey's anger at Cherry in this series… I tried to see the story through her eyes from the start and SWEET HONEY allowed me to do that even more. Honey reminds me a lot of myself… her beloved art, long (well, was…) blonde hair, Chinese takeaways and awful maths skills are all me! I savoured this story like chocolate… I've loved the scenes in Australia, the dreams of living by the sea.  When I am older I plan to go travelling with my cousin, and we'll go to Australia and I will think of Honey's story! This book captures you, the characters stay with you forever and you find yourself thinking things you'd never have dreamed of. A book isn't just a story, it's a journey. I don't want to give anything away, but I am SOOO happy that there is one more book yet to come in the series… who could it be about? So happy I could jump up and down!

Alex says:
I have read all of the Chocolate Box Girls books now, and although my absolute favourite is Summer's Dream, I totally loved SWEET HONEY and would give it 5/5 stars! Whereas Coco Caramel was perfect for my little sister, who is eight, I'd recommend SWEET HONEY for slightly older readers. I can't wait to read FORTUNE COOKIE - just like all the others, it will be fantastic!
Phoebe says:
SWEET HONEY is the 5th book in the Chocolate Box Girls series and it certainly matches the standards of the rest of the series… in fact, I think it's even better! I was so excited to have the book and read it in a matter of hours - I enjoyed it so much I just couldn't put it down! In the story, Honey is sent to Australia to live with her dad - and begins to turn her life around. She faces the challenge of new friends and new love and has some very serious issues to deal with. I really enjoyed SWEET HONEY and would recommend it to anyone. I was amazed to find that it ISN'T the last look in the series - I am absolutely dying to read FORTUNE COOKIE now!

Chloe says:
I have just finished reading SWEET HONEY and I found it to be a book full of unexpected twists and turns, with such a bittersweet ending it made you want to read more. The book is perfect for older readers (Honey is fifteen in the story) although younger readers would still be able to read and enjoy the book too. I think it is currently the best book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, and I cannot WAIT for the sequel, FORTUNE COOKIE. I think that one will be even better…

Cathy says:
Yay… it's great to get so many positive reviews… brilliant! Have YOU read SWEET HONEY yet? What did YOU think of it? COMMENT BELOW to share your views… no spoilers, please! ;o)


  1. I read 'Sweet Honey'...And it totally freaked me out. This is why: the whole time I was reading it, I really, really, really, felt like I was Honey - I felt all her emoticons just as strongly as Honey. Then when the Chocolate Box Girls back at Tanglewood were all leaning over the laptop by the Aga, sipping frothy hot chocolate I was SO one of them...Probably most likely Summer or Skye...Even though I like Cherry the most.
    Thank you, Cathy! Another AMAZING book! Can't wait for the next ones!
    Emily xxx :3

  2. Amaze!!! Totally LOVED it the more you read the more you understand Honey, which is really cool. Emma :)

  3. Just bought Sweet Honey!!! Going now to my Cathy Cassidy reading chair in my bedroom to saviour this book!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is not about this issue.. but Cathy can u PLEASE COME TO BELFAST FOR A BOOK SIGNING!!!!!!! PS. u have got the best website!!! Pps. I am the girl who wrote that last comment! I ♥ u!!!

  5. i havent read it yet. i have a VERY long list of books to read and i am working on a 15 book series at the moment. i am planning to read marshmallow skye because once i read the preview, it PULLED me in! by the way, i have a question. why does marshmallow skye have 2 names, 1 being that and the other being vanilla skye. luv anon.

  6. I got sweet honey in late July and I've already read it 6 times, it's amazing! I totally recommend it! Hamdi:)xxx



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