Thursday 14 August 2014


Another reader problem for the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS to solve… this week, it's SKYE TANBERRY's turn to help!

Amanda says:
Is it bad to have a fictional crush? Doesn't every fangirl have this problem? Boys in books are just so much better than boys in real life. In books, boys are charming, cool, attractive… and hopeless romantics. In real life, they just footy-mad, selfish dudes without an ounce of romance in their bodies… well, the ones I know, at any rate. Is it crazy to spend so much time dreaming about adventures with a fictional boyfriend? To imagine long walks along the beach, a stroll to Tanglewood, a gap year to Australia maybe? It just feels like reality is over-rated sometimes…

Skye says:
I know what you mean… a dream-boy can never let you down. You get to call the shots, pull the strings, decide what happens in your imaginary romance… and that's kind of addictive, I know. I've done it myself, after all. The thing is, if you find yourself spending time with a dream boy, the chances are it's because you are not yet ready for a real life one. That's OK… growing up is not a race, and there is no rule that says you have to be dating at any specific age. When you are ready for real-life romance, you'll know it… a real-life romance is hard work, but it has its rewards! Not all boys are selfish and footy-mad, I promise! I'll let you into a little secret, though… I think my long-distance boyfriend is cool, but sometimes I think I'd happily settle for a fictional dream-boy again! (Just don't tell Finch!)

Cathy says:
Do you agree with Skye? Is there any harm in spending time in a daydream world of crushes on fictional dream boys? COMMENT BELOW to share YOUR views!


  1. No! I daydream about Finch all the time! (Sorry, Skye!) ~Laura x :)

  2. I don't think so... if you'd like some love in your life it's definitely what you need in ireland (shudder!). my big sisters class from fifth to sixth classes in primary contained 2 friends that were addicted to guns and dead animals. they once got their hands on a dead fox in the field which was the second dead fox in our school grounds the entire time I have been there! I'm not even gonna bring up the dead mouse incident at maeve's first birthday party at school!

  3. I don't think there is any harm of having a dream relationship. As long as when you do eventually have a real relationship, you don't expect your boyfriend to be perfect, like your dream boy was.

  4. If it doesn't interfere with their lives, there's no problem with it. Having an active imagination is often a good thing! In real life, no one's perfect but that logic doesn't apply to people in books. Much as I enjoy the emotional intimacy of relationships, they take so much energy - who wouldn't rather dream of the benefits whilst forgetting the hassles?
    Blue. :-)

  5. I think it's great to imagine a life with a fictional boy because it isn't as dangerous as actually going out with one. It's complete and utter bliss to daydream a romance. But of course not every boy is as bad as all that. Falling in love is a risk but if you believe the boy is perfect in every way then GO FOR IT!

  6. i think it's grate to have a dream world somewhere you can do anything, be anything, have any boy you want . but unforlly real life not like that it can hurt, and i promise it does get better it's not all heartbreak and friends splits. and if it get's to bad there's all way's your dream world

  7. I don't just dream about fictional boys but celebrities too. They are so much better! I have so many crushes- mainly Marvel men crushes! Ehehehehe!

  8. Unfortunately fiction has given everyone an image that people are flawless, and I know loads of people who then dream to be like a certain fiction character, or have flawless looks, or who think that they can get through life as their trusty book characters or movie stars do. Sometime people get so caught up in it, in fact, that they forget that it's fiction and not reality.
    So in some way, for certain people, it is bad.

    But for me, despite knowing as much as I stated earlier, I'm always crushing on fiction boys. It's not us girl's fault if all the boys in books are so undeniably perfect in every way! I'm a hopeless romantic, so reading about it is as far as I want to ever get. Cassandra Clare depicts her main boy lead, Jace Wayland, so perfectly it's almost heartbreaking!

    I'm only just going to start year eight where everyone is consumed in the social life and too busy going out with friends and constantly texting on their phones.
    I prefer the company of books, where you can escape into an entirely different world and meet the most wonderful characters. You can journey with them, and you become attached to certain characters. I know I am to various ones, and it's just a shame I can't ever meet them in real life. I'm obsessed with Jace Wayland, for example, and that's made into a movie although I find that the books are usually always much better than the film.
    Jamie Campbell Bower plays Jace Wayland, and it's not how I wanted Jace to be.

    So I guess it is a bad thing, but most of the world is so far deep into it, we're not coming back out any time soon. I guess we can enjoy the fiction world of our favourite books while it lasts...



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