Sunday 3 August 2014


Another in our regular series of reader problems… reader Sarah has a dilemma; can SUMMER TANBERRY help?

Sarah says:
A few months ago, a boy asked me out. I said yes because he was a childhood crush of mine and because I thought I was in love with him. I wasn't. The truth is, I think I only said yes to make him feel happy, to be nice. Also, I wanted to feel accepted and loved. The problem is, he doesn't treat me the way I imagined he would. All he ever wants is for me to come and watch him play football! I don't want to be in this relationship, but I don't want to hurt him. What do I do?

Summer says:
Your problem reminds me of my old boyfriend Aaron. He was supposed to be the perfect boy, the one everyone fancied… but I knew he wasn't right for me. I tried so hard to play the part of perfect girlfriend, but I didn't love him… and after a while it got to the stage where I cringed whenever he touched me. You know the answer to this dilemma, Sarah. You have to finish things now, before you really hurt this boy. OK, he may not be pleased, but if you keep stringing him along and pretending you care, he will be hurt far more. Make time to be alone with him and explain that although you like him as a person, you don't think you're the right one for him and would rather go back to being friends. This frees him to find a girl who really will love him; and it frees you too, to do the same. Be brave and be honest… it's the only way.

Cathy says:
Have YOU ever been in this situation? If so, do you agree with Summer? Is honesty the best policy? COMMENT BELOW to share your views and offer your own advice!


  1. Yeah do it nicely though.... don't hurt him!!!!:)
    Love Anon
    Good luck

  2. I totally agree with Summer. A fake realtionship can really hurt someone who thinks it's real and the longer you leave him thinking you love him, the more painful it'll be when you break up with him. Be subtle and tell him how you feel. Good Luck!

  3. i'm ten. not a teenager! course i haven't! i amn't no girl like that, either. i don't think THAT'll change!

    1. I'm ten but my school is totally romance central! Everyone falls in love at some point in their life. Unfortunately for Sarah it didn't work out. Also, I know it must be hard but honesty is best.

  4. That's cool, Anon… but remember that girls (and boys) of all ages are reading this page, and many are teens. We are all different, and you may not be interested in boys, but Sarah (above) is, and it's good to respect that and respect her dilemma, which many readers may share at some point… let's keep the comments friendly and supportive if we can! :o) xxx

  5. Yeah everyone is different and everyone should be respected!!!!!

  6. Tots but no fake relationships allowed cause that breaks peoples hearts guys, be honest

  7. I agree with Summer if u carry on in the relationship it may hurt him when he finds out that u aren't really happy. good luck! Hamdi:)xxx



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