Tuesday 5 August 2014


The first in a new series following the progress of five girls leaving primary school and starting at secondary… meet the girls!

Emma says:
I am from North East England and I will be going into Year Seven at a college in September. I am totally excited for this new start - it's the start of becoming an official teen and I cannot wait to meet new friends and experience new things. I'm a little nervous as this is a big step to take, but I plan to grab at any opportunity that comes my way. My best friend Faye will be joining me on this adventure and most of my friends will be going to the same school so we can stick together. I was sad leaving primary - I had so many great times there, and I will miss everyone so much. When I visited my new school, I was amazed at how different and grown up it seemed. The teachers have faith in you to explore by yourself, and though I'd been worried we might be pushed around a bit, most of the older kids were great. I hope the next five years will be brilliant!

Pippa says:
My name is Phillipa - if you know anyone else with this name you will realise that my dad spelt it wrong when he registered it (it's supposed to be Philippa!). Most people call me Pippa and I live in South West England. Leaving primary has been a roller-coaster of emotions: I've been excited having made new friends on my induction days, sad to leave some old friends who'll be going to a different school and perplexed about whether I will be able to stay close with the friends that ARE going to the same school! My new school is running a Summer School to help new Year Sevens settle in, and I'm making new friends that way - but worrying that my old friends  are getting closer without me, maybe even drifting away. Should I stick with my old friends or move on? I am feeling a bit left out and don't want to be all on my own in such a big new school! the start of Year Six feels like it was only yesterday and things have been moving really fast ever since… is that a good thing? I guess I will just have to see how things go in September…

Carys says:
I live in Pembrokeshire and I will be moving to secondary school in September. My new school teaches everything in the Welsh language… even French will be taught in Welsh! We have had many trial days and even though I haven't actually started yet, I almost know my way around and I feel pretty comfortable there. Most of my friends are going to the same school, but I will be losing a few close friends who are going to a different school - I will really miss them. I'll miss primary very much - I was there for seven years and have been very happy there. On the last day of term there were a lot of tears - even from some of the boys, and from our teacher! It feels like a whole new stage of life is starting now… I can't wait!

Sophie says:
I live in Glasgow with my mum, brother and sister. I play guitar, keyboards, piano and flute and I love listening to bands like My Chemical Romance, Green Day and Fall Out Boy. I used to hang out with the boys at primary - I don't have too much in common with girls my own age. My new secondary school is quite a long way from home, and I didn't do all of the induction days because mum was trying to get a place for me at a different school which meant I missed some of the visits. I do like the school very much - it's very big and has a great music department and IT department. I don't know if I'm looking forward to it; my brother and sister are very clever and did really well at school, though I don't feel under pressure or anything. I hope there will be other people with the same taste in music and comic books, as I don't know too many people who share my interests. My dad died at the beginning of last year and everyone at primary knew; I don't know if anyone at my new school will, but I don't suppose it will make a difference. I like to dye my hair lots of colours and I tried to dye it red and purple the other day, but it turned out just red!

Imogen says:
I live in Norfolk. I am feeling quite sad to have left primary school because all my friends were there… although there is one girl I am NOT going to miss! There aren't many people from my primary going to my new high school, but two boys from my class are going and an old school friend too. She has asked me to a sleepover so hopefully we can catch up and make some plans for starting at the new school in September! I have been on a couple of visits, and I know it is a really great school. When I am older I would like to work with animals, so I'm looking forward to learning some of the subjects that may help me to do that!

Cathy says:
Good luck Emma, Pippa, Carys, Sophie and Imogen! We'll catch up with the girls soon, once they've done their school uniform shopping! COMMENT BELOW if you have any advice - or any questions - for them!


  1. Good luck at your new schools!
    Pippa - it is your choice who you stick with. People change a lot as they grow up, so even if you have been close with some of the people going to the same school as you, it may not always stay that way. None of my close friends went to the same high school as me, and although I thought that we'd always be best friends and stay in touch, things haven't quite worked out that way, but I have made new friends at my current school, and although I was once close to my old friends, I have moved on and they have too.
    What I say to all of you is stick with the people who you find you get along with most and want to spend time with, and be yourself. You don't have to lose friends as you find new ones and move on - I am having a sort of reunion with classmates from primary school this week, and I haven't seen most of them in 4 years!
    Hope it all works out, and this advice was useful :)

    1. Hi, thanks for the help. Since writing this post, I've met up with my new friends and haven't spoken to my old ones - I'm sure this will continue throughout high school as, like you say, I feel more comfortable AND confident with my new friends. :)

  2. Awwh! Good luck to all of you! I'm sure you'll enjoy school! My advice is to be yourself, don't get caught in the wrong crowd; And obviously, don't pick on anyone <3

  3. in ireland, we go to primary for eight years so when people in england move to secondary in year seven we are the top class in primary called sixth class. we go to secondary for five years, six if we do transition. my sister is starting first year in secondary and she really likes her school. be prepared!

    1. Good luck to u and ur sister. Hamdi:)xxx

  4. I'm going to an all girls Grammar school in September and I can't wait although I'm am going on my own without any of my primary friends!!!:(:)

    1. asophisticatedllama7 August 2014 at 11:49

      I went to Secondary School without knowing anyone, and I was really nervous but I soon found out that there were several other girls who didn't know anyone and were feeling just as nervous as I was! Say hello to the first person you meet, and you'll soon be chatting away! Just remember, it will be their first day too!

  5. Good luck to all, I can relate to Sophie alot- I never really hung around with girls in primary as I usually enjoy things that are stereotypically "boys" things, while the girls were into makeup, dolls and bags, I was, still am! Into Marvel comics & MCU, Call of Duty ext.

  6. Good luck Emma,Pippa,Carys,Sophie and Imogen! :)

  7. Just have fun! Good luck anyone who's joining yr 7. I'm goin into yr 8 and I have loved it! The only thing I was worried bout was finding my way around but don't worry its actually quite easy in the end. Hamdi:)xxx



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