Saturday 30 August 2014


Another in our occasional series of profiles looking at readers who follow their own unique style… 

Fay says:
My favourite thing about vintage style is knowing that an item has been loved by others before you. My definition of vintage is, 'things with memories attached', and my prize possessions are a 1940s red and black coat, silk elbow length gloves, a floppy woven hat, a black taffeta floor length skirt, a black velvet hat and a yellow 1950s style dress. My vintage idol is Audrey Hepburn - I am trying to teach myself Dutch in her honour!

My interest in vintage style began soon after I became obsessed with dressing as a porcelain doll, and that kind of linked me in to the whole vintage way of life. I like to be pale so I wear factor 50 suncream, pale powder and foundation… and if I find myself on a beach or somewhere hot, I use my parasol. For make up, I also use candy-floss colour cheek tint to make me look more doll-like.

Of course, in school we have a uniform so I use my pale powder and add knee length socks (sometimes with frills) and tie my hair with ribbons to fit the look. I like to be different because it is a way to show you are not afraid of what others may think; you have a right to be true to yourself and not to have to follow crowds or stick to the latest trend. My fashion motto is: 'Trends wear out, but style can be yours for a lifetime!'

Fay's Tips:
1/ Try to find bargains!
2/ See what you like best; just because someone famous favours 80s style, you may be more of a 50s kinda person.
3/ Ignore size labels - they had different sizing back in the day!
4/ Try vintage accessories with modern outfits… I often do this with a hat, scarf, necklace or pair of shoes!
5/ Have fun and don't be scared to try on bizarre clothes… they'll look better on you than on the hanger!

Cathy says:
Fay's style is very cool… I love it! Do YOU have a unique take on fashion and style? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more, or to comment on Fay's style!


  1. Wow your style sounds amazing! And lovely pics too! Cool!

  2. My style is usually just second hand charity shop clothes but I try to mix and match to make a perfect style for my personality every day. On special occasions me and my mum go to more fancy places to buy a designer dress or something but I usually just make do with the clothes I have. I don't mind having charity shop clothes because at least you're giving money to charity whilst altering them to make a quirky style. I love that Fay's into vintage because I also love it, too!

  3. omg the vintage vibe really suits u! I love how vintage is quirky but cool and I think u look amazing! Hamdi:)xxx

    1. Ur welcome! U look amazing, plz be on more of the dream catcher blog posts coz ur one really engaged me! Hamdi:)xxx

    2. i am on the veggie or not veggie debate, but thanks again xxx

    3. U really engaged me in that one too! Hamdi:)xxx

  4. I'm absolutely vintage mad! I love finger wave curls, flapper dresses and feather headbands from the 20s and 30s, dresses and skirts from the 40s and 50s. I like the skirts, tops and dresses from the 60s besides retro, and everything boho from the 70s! I don't like anything from the 80s, and the only thing I like from the 90s are docs! I love old lace up boots from hhundreds of years ago, and 19th century dresses! love your style, Fay!

  5. Fay you're so pretty :)
    Usually I just wear jeans, my old boots and my Grandad's jumper.

  6. This might sound weird but I am a goth I am always made fun of I like me the way I am by the way fay awesome look! When I go to school I wear some black is eye shadow and one of them fake stick on tattoo's.By the way just cause I am goth doesn't mean I don't believe in god I just like the way goths dress!

    1. Anon, would love to profile you for DREAMCATCHER so people could understand goths better… get in touch if you'd like to be featured and have your say! xxx



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