Saturday 16 August 2014


Another in our series about cool mums and daughters… we meet Hazel and Elizabeth!

Elizabeth (mum) says:
I moved to England from America just before Hazel was born and have been a full-time mom since her birth. We do things slightly different from some families, as Hazel has never been to school - I wanted my children to have the gift of learning what they want, when they want and how they want to, so we home educate. I feel it is important to provide as many opportunities to explore new things, so we attend as many outings as we can, whether to museums, historical sites, concerts, plays or science lectures. I knew early on that the two of us approached things in very different ways, so I have had to adjust my thinking to fit her needs.
It may seem silly, but Hazel amazes me every day; she's such a focused, talented and intelligent young lady. I admit to crying publicly at her musical talent - what else can you do when a grief-stricken eight year old stands up at her grandmother's funeral and plays 'Amazing Grace' on the flute? Where she got the courage to do that, I still don't know.
We all hope for the best for our children. My hope is that Hazel is happy and that whatever she does in the future brings her joy. If you asked her, I think she'd tell you she'll be a much sought after flautist who just happens to be a distinguished author in her spare time!

Hazel (daughter) says:
I'm not sure I'd say 'inspired', but my mom has helped me to become who I am today. She recognised what I would love and has done all she can to give me the best possible life! I love having her at home all the time. It's all I've ever known, but it makes me feel comfortable, knowing that she's always there for me. In some of the mother/daughter articles on DREAMCATCHER, I've been surprised at how many moms and daughters have mentioned fighting with each other; Mom and I have never fought, and I don't think we're about to start!
Mom and I share a love of books and history, but otherwise we are quite different. Mom is easy-going and had many different jobs before becoming a full-time mom, trying lots of different things; while I am pretty fixed in what I want to do and be. My dreams for the future are to grow up and become a successful musician, travelling the world with an orchestra… while also being an author! I love reading, writing and music, so it seems like the perfect future! Also, while travelling the world, I will hopefully get a lot of inspirations for my stories!

Cathy says:
It's fascinating to hear about the strong mother-daughter bonds between Elizabeth and Hazel… and how home education has worked so well for both of them! COMMENT BELOW to share your feedback or to give YOUR mum a shout-out!


  1. Hazel is such a pretty name!

  2. How do you write an article hazel x

  3. Hi Imogen! I know Cathy on Facebook, and she regularly asks people if they can contribute to Dreamcatcher. If you wanted to get into an article, then go on Facebook (if you have it) and just search for her. Cathy seems really nice, and if she posts that she is looking for something to go on Dreamcatcher, and you think you can do something, then go for it! It's lots of fun! xxx



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