Sunday 3 August 2014


Our new 'HOW TO DEAL' series is a girl's guide to surviving the ups, downs and challenges facing girls today… starting with CRUSHES! 
Written and created by reader EMMA...

Emma says:
I've used an acronym to outline my top tips on how to deal with a crush… without BEING crushed! Read on…

Communication: Communication is key to any good potential relationship. You don't have to study the history of his fave footy team… just start with hello and say what comes naturally. You'll feel more comfortable and he'll tune into that… an excellent start to a potential relationship!

Relax: When you're talking to the object of your affections, stay relaxed! Take some deep breaths and be as natural as you can. If you get nervous and blank during the conversation, remember the weather is always a good fall-back topic until you gather your nerves and get back on track!

Understanding: A crush can be a powerful and overwhelming feeling, but it is important to stay level headed. If things don't take off right away, you have to understand that any relationship worth having takes time. Rome wasn't built in a day… and it's still standing!

Smile: Remember to smile and enjoy the crush! Falling for that special person is something that makes you happy, after all… and of course, a smile is everyone's best feature!

Heart: Don't be afraid to put your heart and soul into this. Sure, it's a scary thing to put yourself out there, but look at it this way - you only get what you give! Even if it doesn't work out, remember that love is an infinite resource at your disposal; never regret giving someone your love. Trust your feelings… and good luck!

Until we deal again,
Emma x

Pics modelled by reader Mariam T: many thanks Mariam!

Cathy says:
Great advice on breaking the ice and getting to know the object of your affections! It's worth remembering that sometimes a crush is a one-way emotion and won't always translate into real-life love, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy it all the same. And if your crush is someone you know, then go ahead - take Emma's advice and give it your best effort! COMMENT BELOW to share your own tips for talking to boys and turning a crush into a date!


  1. uh... this post isn't MY thing. i prefer to spend my time reading, watching tv, on my swing, running, cycling, climbing trees, doing my nails, dreaming, singing,dancing, drawing, playing video games, reading and more reading! i have the same mind as daizy star. well, see ya! i'm gonna go have some sausages.... mmmm....

  2. Really good tips!

  3. Yuckedy yuck yuck yuck!

  4. I agree anonymous that is Yuck and is so not my thing.

  5. Ahh a bit of romance is nice girlies!!!!

    1. I totally agree! Of course, everyone has their opinion, though. Everyone falls in love at least once in their life even if you're not completely serious about them.

    2. True, but i've had enough real crushes to last me a while... I'll just stick with Percy Jackson thanks :)

  6. Tots anon and anon. It happens to everyone just don't get over exited and take it easy.

  7. This stuff is rocking.

  8. Hey em u know who this is :) keep writin like this and ull be a pro :) Ms. Murnane would be proud :) ;) :') xxx



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