Wednesday 27 August 2014


Did you know that the Chocolate Box Girls is a bestselling series in France? Mais, oui! We asked some French readers to review their fave CC books...

Zoe says:
I am thirteen years old and I love the books 'The Chocolate Girls'. I started reading the books a year ago. My mother gave me COEUR CERISE (CHERRY CRUSH) when I came back from a holiday with my grandmother. I love the books because there is so much suspense and I love the chocolate theme. As soon as I finish one of the books I want to learn more, I feel as though I am inside the story! I absolutely love the story of many sisters and I like that each sister has a book to tell her own story, which keeps it all exciting and unexpected. I wrote to Cathy Cassidy and asked for a signed photograph, which Cathy sent to me! Thanks to Cathy, I love to read!

Line and Jeanne say:
Line: I'm twelve and I live in the north of France. My favourite Chocolate Box book is COEUR SALE (BITTER SWEET). Shay Fletcher, fifteen years old, discovers that his brother is a much better person than he thought. He will even help him make his dream come true: become a famous singer. I liked this book because we get to know Shay much better and appreciate him even more!
Jeanne: I am fourteen, and Line's sister. I have read all of the Chocolate Box books… I loved all of the series but my favourite so far is the last one, COEUR VANILLE (SWEET HONEY). I like it because at last everything becomes clear about the family's split up. Honey starts to understand that Cherry and Paddy are good people and she slowly sees that her dad is not as perfect as she thought. Besides, there is a big mystery and lots of suspense… and also a love story!

Enora says:
I discovered the books of Cathy Cassidy by chance (a good chance!). I was passing a holiday with my grandmother and left all my books at home, so we went to the library in the next village. Many books did not look interesting, and then I read the summary of COEUR CERISE (CHERRY CRUSH) the first book of the Chocolate Box series. I finished the book the same evening and re-read it over and over. Since this day, I have bought all of the books a few days after they are released! I love the books because they have my favourite flavours in their names… and because I can 'find' me a little in each book and each character! A love story? A chocolate story? Totally my style! I cannot pick out any character as my favourite because I adore them all! Great books that I share with my friends.

Cathy says:
I think my French readers are AWESOME! I can't wait to visit Paris again this November for the Montreuil Book Fair and meet more French fans… tres cool! COMMENT BELOW if you are a French reader - or if you've ever been to France!


  1. I went to France when I was a tiny baby so I can't remember a THING.

  2. I love the French covers- and I can see why they are so popular in France- or anywhere else in the world! I went to France, once, but it was such a long time ago since I was a tiny girl I can't remember a thing!

  3. I've been to france 8 times before coz I normally go there for my summer holiday. I love france its such a nice country with lovely people. Although I went to spain this yr for my summer break I can't wait to go back and I loved spain too. I think its really cool that cathy has loads of different readers in loads of countries. Hamdi:)xxx



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