Sunday 17 August 2014


Reader Miriam combines her love of crafts with her love of reading - to make this super-cute SWEET HONEY necklace! Read on to find out how YOU can do the same!

Miriam says:
I've always loved craft - almost as much as I love reading - so I thought it would be a great idea to make book necklaces! A few years ago, I made something similar to these, but they were just mini books, badly coloured in felt tip pen. This idea evolved from that one, but looks much better - and it's super-easy!

To start, print out a small book cover. If you can find a picture of the blurb or back of the book then print that too and put it next to the cover; otherwise just place two front covers next to each other. Next, fold this in half. For the inside pages, cut and fold white pieces of paper approximately the same size. Then we start to assemble the book. Rub the fold of one of the white pages in glue and then fit that into the crease of the cover. Cover the fold of the next piece in glue and place that in the middle, building up until you feel you book is thick enough. You can leave this as a cute mini book to decorate your room, or continue on to turn it into a necklace!

To make a necklace, use a biro or a large darning needle to pierce a hole in the top-middle of the book. Carefully push through thread or jewellery wire (available at ) and begin to thread on beads. For a very cool look, use beads that match the colour scheme of the cover. Tie a knot where you stop beading at each end and make a final knot to complete the necklace… or, alternatively, use a clasp -  Ta-dah! A book necklace… or a booklace!

I chose to do SWEET HONEY as it is the latest book in the Chocolate Box Girls series, and I love the plot/ storyline! Have fun making your necklace!

Cathy says:
WOW… I absolutely LOVE this brilliant idea! It really does seem simple to do, but looks so cute and professional… well done Miriam! COMMENT BELOW if you think you might try this idea, or want to share a crafty idea of your own!



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