Thursday 7 August 2014


Crazy about making music? These cool readers are... find out more about which instruments they love most, and why!
Grace says:
My twin sister and I both started playing the fiddle when we were five years old and we've been playing since then... that's nine years now! We love it. We play in the traditional music group in school and we've just started playing in the orchestra too, which is classical violin!
Ellen says:
As well as playing the fiddle, I play flute and recorder and sing too. I started recorder last year and began learning flute in October - I have lessons every week after school. Both Grace and I sing in the school choir, too!

Alexandra says:
I play violin, piano, flute... and I sing too. I am working on my grade eight for violin and singing and I'm at grade seven for piano and flute. I've been learning violin since O was six or seven and that's probably my favourite, but I also love singing and just today I was picked for a singing/dancing part in the musical 'Oliver'. I love piano too - my mum is actually a piano teacher so it comes naturally I suppose! I only started flute three years ago when I began to be home-schooled - I had the time to practise at home and I loved the idea of learning something new. I live for music - without it, I would not be the person I am today!

Maisie says:
I've been playing the violin since I was really small. My aunt plays and she was the one who first got me into playing; I wanted to be just like her and she is still my idol today. After begging and pleading, I finally got my first violin and started lessons. I love it so much I play it constantly, from Bach to Shostakovitch. Music is so special - it's a gift that I will treasure for always. Listening to music warms my heart and makes me more determined to go on playing violin so I can perform to big audiences one day. Music is so powerful and so moving - to have the power to make people laugh or cry is pretty awesome. Music will always be a part of me and it inspires me to climb milestones and reach for my dreams!

Alice says:
I play trumpet - I have been playing for around two and a half years now. I started playing in Year Four because we had the opportunity to play an instrument; First of all I tried the clarinet, which I hated, but then had a chance to play a brass instrument, and I picked the trumpet. I instantly fell in love and carried on playing right through Year Five and Six. Now that I'm in high school I play with the school band and also in the local music services senior brass band - I was in the junior section to begin with, and moved up. I love playing an instrument because you get to meet so many cool people you'd never get to meet otherwise - and all because of the music. It's definitely worth hanging on until you find the right instrument for you!

Gracie says:
I've always loved the way a harp sounds, but I think my parents thought it was just a phase I was going through! I finally started lessons a few years ago after seeing a harpist at the Edinburgh Festival and discovering that my school offered lessons. I play the Scottish lever harp - the clarsach; the one I have has 34 strings so it's much smaller than a concert harp, the type you see in orchestras. I absolutely love playing - the harp makes such a beautiful sound, even when you play a dud note! A few weeks ago I took my first exam, Grade Three, and passed! I don't think I'll ever go on to be a great musician, but this is an amazing and rewarding hobby to have - I love it!

Do YOU play a musical instrument - or have you been inspired to try out one of those described above? MESSAGE BELOW to let us know!


  1. Hi cathy I play the piano x

  2. Hmmm, no other cellists... Does that make me special? :P Playing in an orchestra is amazing, and a totally different adventure to solo work, I'd be keen to hear other people's experiences of it!! - Lauren

  3. I play piano and I love it!!!!! Plus my teacher is really nice!!!!!! I'm on Grade 3!

    Love anon

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  5. I'm actually working on ATCL on cello now, which is the level after grade 8 :D It's getting to the really beautiful solo pieces, but playing in an orchestra adds another dimension to music making... I've played in several orchestras myself, and would be keen to hear the experiences of other people! :) - Lauren

  6. I play the tin whistle. I started in first class when I was almost seven. everyone in first, second and third had to play tin whistle because our mad teacher does. we had to memorize loads of notes of songs, and we had to play to perfection all the time. if we just couldn't play, she would bite our heads off. I never practise much, but she made us do extra communion songs in second class which was very annoying, a lot because she knew we were piled up with religon and colouring pages and prayers to learn and the other heaps of homework she gave us, as well as our sports and hobbies. my friend and I both go to hurling and stage school, and the boys all did sports and my other friend played piano for a while and was only just starting harp. she's very musical. she's very good at harp and piano, I'm sure, but I know she's just as good at playing tin whistle as miss. I play a little bit of piano but would love to be as good as my cousin. I might like to play violin or guitar too. bye! :)

  7. i play the violin and guitar i am a good singer so i go to italia conti of arts

  8. Love the violin vibe going on! It's a musical thing! ;o)

  9. I play piano. I have my Grade 6 exam next week DX

  10. I play the concertina,which is basically a small accordian, and have since I was eight. I also play the tin whistle, which is really easy. My older sister plays the harp and the piano. She's only 13 but she plays at weddings. My little sister plays the guitar and the keyboard, and my mom plays the fiddle, the flute and the piano. Only my dad isnt musical!

  11. I play the guitar, I love the way it sounds, so clear and dreamy :)

  12. Ohhh how cool I watched a programme on CBBC abouts Italia Conti academy called School 4 Stars..... lucky u.....
    .. how cool..... u should do a dream catcher on that it would be class Anonxx!!!!:)♥♡★☆

  13. I play guitar, my dad teaches me sometimes (he's a guitar and drum teacher) and my mum other times (she's a guitar and singing teacher). I also have the occasional singing lesson with my and I've performed in quite a few different venues, a man gave me and my sister £10 for singing at one of my mum and dad's gigs. I also play piano though not much and I'm not that good at it either.

  14. I play guitar, piano and drums. I also sing a bit, singing and guitar are my two favourites even if I'm not the best in the world :)

  15. I play flute and also sing!! I love it! Music is like another world!
    I'm very Musical Theatre type as well!

  16. I play the flute and just passed grade 3 now working towards grade 4.



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