Wednesday 20 August 2014


We asked readers to tell us about their BEST holiday ever… and we got some pretty cool answers!

Pippa says:
My fave holiday was when I went to Cyprus in 2009. We went for two weeks, one week to a hotel in Limassol and one to a villa in Pissouri, and we went to the beach every single day. The temperatures were over forty degrees celsius! The hotel and villa were both amazing and the Greek food was awesome. We went to the Fasouri Waterpark, the biggest one on the island, and that was one of my best bits of the holiday… but every single bit of it was great, from the aeroplane ride to just hanging out in the Tortoise Garden Cafe, which is where I am in the picture. My dad grew up in Cyprus so we go there quite a bit, but this summer will be the first time we've been back in five years… and I CANNOT WAIT!!!
Latifa says:
Last year we went on holiday to Lisbon, which was amazing - we spent most of the summer holidays there and toured around the city. The day I remember most was the day we had a picnic. My mum and her friends were holding this massive gathering in a place called Serafina Park… we had loads of traditional Indonesian food wrapped in foil, and loads of drinks; it was just so lovely and memorable. We explored the park and even picked some flowers. At one point we even took a picture of us all jumping high into the air… best holiday ever!

Rebecca says:
My favourite ever holiday was to Dubai… we went in October 2013. We stayed for two weeks in a gorgeous hotel and everyone there was lovely. The sightseeing was amazing - we saw the highest building in the world and a monument called Burj Al Arab which is a seven star hotel! The best thing I did that holiday was swimming with dolphins… I will never forget it.

Charlotte says:
My best holiday ever was to Cardiff. It was really good fun - we went to the Cardiff Dr Who Experience and got to see the old TARDIS, the Daleks and the Weeping Angels. We also got to see the outfits which all the Doctors wore, along with the sonic screwdrivers and David Tennant's TARDIS interior. Then when you went upstairs, you saw all the character outfits, the Daleks and Davros, as well as the postage stamps for the 50th anniversary. I can't wait to go again after the makeover with all the new props!

Cathy says: 
I love these happy holiday stories! My summer holiday this year was a quick visit to a music festival; I loved it, but it was over way too soon! I have had some awesome holidays in the past, but not sure which one I'd choose as the best… hmmm! COMMENT BELOW to tell me about YOUR best summer holiday… share the love!


  1. I agree with Rebecca…..Dubai is amazing! And the best part is, I can go there practically whenever I want because I stay in a neighbouring city! :D

    Anyways, my favourite summer holiday was probably when we went to the Maldives last year, it was so fun!

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