Monday 25 August 2014


Reader Helena decided to have a big clear out of old and unwanted toys and junk… find out how her tidy-up turned into a charity fundraiser!

Helena says:
Back at the beginning of the summer holidays I decided to have a big clear out of stuff I no longer needed and had grown out of, but instead of taking everything along to our local community shop, I decided to raise money for Cancer Research UK. A friend of ours does LOTS and LOTS of fundraising for Cancer Research and organises the local Relay for Life event. That's a huge family event - people can camp overnight - which lasts 24 hours. There are lots of games and fun activities for children and we are all coming together as one group to raise money to beat cancer. I would like to be a medical scientist and a magician when I grow up, and help to cure diseases like cancer. This seemed like something I could do in the meantime.

I designed a poster and it went onto the local Relay for Life page, and friends helped to distribute it around town. Then basically, I took over the pavement in front of Mum and Dads bookshop. One day it rained really hard so I sat inside the door and still got some money! I sold a lot of games, toys, books and bits and pieces and people were really nice about it. I think they liked the idea that I was raising money for a good cause! I also had a 'guess the birthday' game, for a Minnie Mouse toy, which I am still going to do. I have raised over £100. It was a lot of fun, a bit of a challenge at times, but it was worth it!

Cathy says:
I love Helena's idea - sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! It looks like she had a lot of fun, too, and raised a lot of money… how cool? COMMENT BELOW to share YOUR charity find-raising attempts or to give a shout-out to Helena for her achievement!


  1. wow! That's amazing! My mum's mum died of cancer before any of her grandchildren were born, so I never got to meet her and it sometimes gets to me. It was obviously harder for my mum and her sister though. Every summer, we do a family bike ride and everyone takes part and its a really fun way of remembering my grandma and raising money for cancer research coz they are an amazing charity!Keep going Helena and thnx for raising money for cancer research!

  2. That is such a good idear and the best part is you are doing
    1 your self a favour by declatering
    2 others a favour because they don't need to go to the shops and by stuff for a lot more money
    3 people with cancer a favour bye raising money to find a cure

    And just a shout out to a girl who was in my class last year ; lara who was diagnosed with leukimia at the age of 10 stay strong
    To everyone who has cancer has had cancer or has died of cancer I send you my love and to all there relatives

    Lots of love Arabella

    1. aww ur message is so sweet arabella. send my love to lara she must be so brave. Hamdi:)xxx

  3. That's so awesome! Raising money for charity with your old toys is soo much better than just giving it to a shop.

    The best idea to raise money that I've had was to do a proper Purple Day in my school with everyone donating a 'purple pound' to Epilepsy Awareness. Unfortunately, my school had a strike on Purple Day so we couldn't do it but we may be able to do a Purple Week this year if I can get it back out there early enough.

    Epilepsy Awareness means a lot to me because my Year 8 Form tutor (Year 8 was a really hectic year!) has Post Traumatic Epilepsy which she developed after she was involved in a car crash a few years ago. I've always known her as a bubbly and happy person which is why I was so sad when she left in the summer last year. I was also quite upset when she told us about her condition and how she had a fit one day before she left her house because deep down inside I know she doesn't deserve that. Nobody with epilepsy deserves it!

  4. this is a great idea!!

  5. I've never done a jumble sale before but it sounds really cool! maybe I'll give it a go!

  6. Wow she is really passionate about charity work! I would love to do something like that!

  7. Wow she is so thoughtful!



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