Friday 1 August 2014


We asked you to give a shout out to your best friends… and we love the awesome pics and stories you've shared!

Michelle says:
I honestly cannot tell you how much I love my best friends, Amy and Holly! I have been through some pretty tough times and Amy and Holly were there for me through thick and thin. We have been through some difficult stuff and survived it all together, as sisters. I'd say we've been friends for around five years… we've had fights, but we always make up. We have a laugh by dancing to PINK and failing at putting on facemasks at our sleepovers… and we cause the most trouble when we are together. We have our flaws and we accept them! We all have very different tastes in music, but so what… we get along! We are not sisters by blood but we ARE sisters by heart. I hope we are friends till the end!

Deborah says:
My BFF is Jade - she's the most amazing friend anyone would ever have. She listens to me, understands me and finds a way to make me happy even if it makes no sense to anyone else. We share strong bonds, and even though we no longer go to the same school we till have those connections. We both love singing - together we can hit harmonies in ways we can't do with anyone else. Our special song is 'Two Voices, One Song' from the the film 'Barbie and the Diamond Castle' about two girls who go on an adventure and get through everything through music, which is just like me and Jade. I wrote my book 'Two Voices' to share our story… the plot is based on a superhero game the two if us played back in primary school. If the book was ever made into a movie, Jade and I would have to play the main roles!

Ellie says:
I love my best friend! She's called Cecelia and she's two years older than me, so we don't go to the same school. I know her because my mum teaches her piano. She is so kind and loves me for who I am, and I feel just the same about her. She doesn't care that I'm weird! I'm always there for her when it matters and we can tell each other anything! We love making loom bands together and and we both love the same books - Cathy Cassidy and John Green are our favourites!

Myrra says:
Isha is the sort of best friend who is the complete opposite of me, yet we are somehow the same! She loves cooking and dancing, I love reading and animals. She has helped me through some tought times, like when my elder sister was caught up in a car accident. Both Isha and I share thoughts and ideas, and she is completely reliable. She knows when not to push me any further, and how to keep a secret. She is amazing - the sort of girl everyone should have as a friend!

Cathy says:
I love these fab, feelgood friendship stories! COMMENT BELOW to share your best friend stories… you know you want to!


  1. Yep, Cathy, you know I want to!
    Like Ellie, my best friends are two years older than me, so they go to a high school. It's kind of funny though, because they're the same age as my older brother! And when they come round to my house, my brother's there!
    They're called Catherine and Posy...And they mean a lot to me.
    Other really good friends in my year are: Anya, Catrin, Charlotte, Ruby, Nora, and Lily.
    Emily xxx

  2. my best friends are jay, leah and anna. anna is quite sporty and doesn't go to the same school as me and though we have only been friends for a year it seems like forever! i met her through camogie and her little sister abbie goes to stage school with me and she comes to pick her up sometimes (long enough for a short chat!) me, leah and anna are the closest threesome you'll ever meet! anna is a day younger than leah! leah is my 1st cousin. she is different to everyone in the gang because she wears glasses quite a lot because she is long sighted! she is loud and bubbly and cool and funny and she's bossy at times and everyone at school is passing around this nasty rumor that we wouldn't be friends if we weren't cousins but that is so not true. i don't care how bossy she is, she's always nice to me and looks up to me. and jay, well, he's completely different, obviously because he's a boy! he's nearly a year younger than me even though he's in the same class! he's the youngest, of course. he's arty and creative and funny and boyish and has an obsession for penguins and sharks and jaws and happy feet movies and he's friends with everyone and he's really smiley and good at drawing! i'm the oldest of the group,nearly a year older than jay and just 7 weeks older than anna and leah but the only one who looks up to me is leah cause she's my cousin and anna doesn't cause unlike leah, she knows that i'm not much older than her. and jay, well, he's a boy. boys don't look up to you unless they're like six. i don't care whether they look up to me or not. oh, yeah, and maeve and ava are other good friends! they are best friends! so, we're like daizy star's friends! i'm daizy cause i don't know what thing i'm best at either! (i'm so like her!) and leah's willow cause she's a born singer and anna's beth (she went to the stage school and although we don't do ballet, she was really a good dancer!) and jay's like murphy malone because as well as having no other choice since he's the only boy he loves art! my friends are the best, and i am going to keep contact with jay even when he's a marine biologist studying the great barrier reef in australia! i'm gonna live in ireland but i'll skype all right!

    1. That's sooooo lovely! DaizyStar made real…

  3. Id love to give a shout out to my friends from primary school that I wont see as much now as we're going to secondary school. Shout out 2 Zara, Katelyn, Amy and Sabrina!

  4. I only have one best friend her name is Millie she has been by my side when people have called me names even when I've yelled at her.
    all my other friends are nice then mean then nice again so my best friend Millie is the best she is amazing!!!!

  5. I have known my best friend Angharad since i was a couple of months old and now i am 11! We've done lots of things together we used to go to ballet together but when i stopped i went to a different dance group. After about six months she went to my dance school to! We've been on holiday together to blue stone and centre parks and when cathy cassidy came to the cardiff litriture festival she came to. i'm so lucky to have a friend like Angharad.

  6. I have been best friends with Hannah (my BFF) for 6 years. Sadly, a year ago she had to return to her Dad's country, Kurdistan. I have been e-mailing her ever since. I have another best friend now (although no one could replace Hannah!) and she has a rather unusual name: Nikomi . I love all my friends to bits. When they cry, I cry, when they laugh, I laugh.



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