Sunday 31 August 2014


Reader Nessa loves writing songs - and finds it's the only thing that has helped her cope with depression…

Nessa says:
I have always struggled with strong emotions and looked for ways to feel less out of control - I have never been good at expressing my feelings. By the time I hit my teens, I felt like I hated myself, and began falling into the most horrible depression… I would do anything I could think of of hurt and punish myself, and nothing seemed to help me break free of it.

Not long ago, when I was really down and my emotions were so messed up that I couldn't concentrate properly on anything, I hit rock bottom - I felt like I couldn't go on. Out of nowhere, I started to write… not stories, but lyrics. I used my own feelings and experiences to create the songs, and after a while I talked to a friend about it and she came up with the tunes on her guitar. I would love to perform the songs one day.

I like songwriting because it is a way to let out my emotions without having to talk - it can be hard to talk about such personal stuff, especially if you have social anxiety. Writing songs doesn't come naturally to me the way it might to some people, but that just makes it more rewarding when I manage to write a good song. I write in all kinds of different styles - I've even written a rap, about a break-up, which I think is quite cool! Often I write about things I've been through… the subject matter can be dramatic and emotional, but it's a good way to let it all out…

Faking a smile, holding back tears…
Am I really strong enough to fight?
I would turn up the music and block out the world
I'm not dreaming…

Cathy says:
I think it's amazing that Nessa is using her own experiences to write songs… she is channelling those strong and painful emotions into something very powerful and beautiful. Do YOU have a way of coping with strong or difficult feelings? COMMENT BELOW to share your ways of handling the hard times, or to give a shout-out to Nessa for making something creative and beautiful out of her struggles.

Name has been changed and pics are posed by model to protect Nessa's privacy.
Model: Charlotte S
Photographer: Sarah S

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  1. wow thats such an inspiring story. i love how nessa has fought from depression and turned her strong emotions in beautiful ways. I think thats lovely. Hamdi:)xxx



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