Sunday 10 August 2014


Do you like trying out cool new hair-dos? We asked some DREAMCATCHER readers to share their hair-raising creations!

Maisie says:
I met Cathy at a bookshop signing and she liked my hair so much she asked if I'd talk about it for DREAMCATCHER! I was really happy to agree! I like trying different looks (with the help of my mum!) and this is really just a simple French plait that ends up in a ponytail, with bright daisy clips added in along the braid. It's quite simple (as long as you have someone to help you with the French plait part!) and really effective... it's cool to change your hair to fit with your look and I think this has a great vintage vibe!

Azania says:
I have long, thick hair that I like to wear in a fishtail braid. I think it looks unusual and cool and my mum plaits it this way most days, for school. It's a bit trickier than a regular braid, so you do need someone to help you do it... once you get the knack, though, it's fine! I think it looks neater than an ordinary braid so to me, it's worth the extra effort. In the picture you can see a little flash of blue - that's the blue streak I had put into my hair a while ago!

Lauren says:
Long hair is great because it can be worn so many ways; I sometimes do a basket-weave plait made up of nine braids plaited into three, and then into one... that's great for formal concerts and it's not too difficult to do, especially if you're on a long drive! It looks great, too - neat but unusual! This is a simple knot, though, and it's pretty self-explanatory; I do it when I'm dashing about and don't have a hair elastic, so I just loop my hair around itself! It looks cool and casual but it does keep my hair neat and tidy... but with style! Easy and effective!
Ellie says:
First I tie my hair into a pony tail on top of my head and then put the bun donut (you can buy them at pretty much any chemist or beauty shop) over the top of the pony tail. Next, spread out the pony tail evenly over the donut, making it look as smooth and neat as you can. I use one of those over-sized hair bands to pull over the donut to secure the ends, and if there are still loose ends I pin them around the donut. This style is useful if you have a long fringe but want your hair to stay neat. I would wear this if I needed to dress up or look smart… it's not tricky and it's very effective!

Katie says:
I call this style 'the bounce' - it's a quick 'do' when I'm in a hurry or when I want my hair down but still interesting. It's very simple! First, take a section of hair from the front and comb it so it is smooth, or style it so you can move it easily. Twist it a few times, so it stays in place. If this doesn't work the first time, don't worry - keep trying! Lay the hair on your head so it's tight, then push it forward until there is a 'bounce' or quiff of the size you want. Use 3-5 hairgrips to hold the bounce in place, but cross them over so they don't fall out. If your hair is straight, you can plait it overnight to give some body and curl, as shown in the picture! Ta-da!

Cathy says:
I am so envious of these fab styles… I am pretty useless at styling my own hair and always stick to the same old looks, but these cool ways with longer hair might just inspire me to try harder! What do YOU think? COMMENT BELOW to share your fave hairstyles or tell us which one of these is your fave!


  1. I have long hair and I looove trying out new styles. I tend to do my hair differently each day, but normally most of it is loose, with bits clipped back or braided. I like putting it in French plaits, and another similar style I like is the waterfall braid, but my hair is fine and slippy so it doesn't often stay :(

  2. fishtail plaits are supposed to be messy- not neat. but neat ones definitely are neater than ordinary plaits, though I do prefer messy ones! these are all really cool hairstyles. the first is very original, and I love it. the last is just like a normal quiff, but bouncier and more creative! the second is a tight fishtail, which I have never seen before, and much neater than an ordinary plait (as well as being 100% neater than your regular fishtail!). the third is really helpful if you are in a hurry or don't have an elastic band or a bobbin thingy or whatever it is. and it looks cool, and more unusual than a regular ponytail because the hair tie is your actual hair! and the doughnut bun is all the rage now and perfect for beginners! there are spongy ones and fake hair ones and I would recommend the fake hair ones in your own hair colour. I don't no why, but I just prefer them! my sister has one but she doesn't use it any more because she is a pro at messy and ballerinas even when she is in a hurry! both are quite easy when you get used to it, my sister says the ballerinas always turn out right ( I assume she meant if you were well practised!) and the messy ones are easy because if you do something wrong, it won't look out of place since it's meant to be messy! she always uses messy ones, and thinks they are nicest. I think they are nicest too! well, bye! Lucy :)

  3. i can NEVER do fishtails, not to mention they take FOREVER to do. Anyone got any tips?

  4. Fish tails are really easy. Search it up on google and it will give u a demo. I usually do my hair in a high ponytail because they are easy to do. i have medium length hair and styles that would suit for a 12 year old.

  5. I love doing all sorts of hairstyles. I'm growing out my fringe so I can do lots of stuff. Fishtails are quite easy. Just get ur hair in 2 sections and put a bit of each side over to the other one and keep doing it. I can never wear my hair down though cause it looks stupid. Any tips? Anna

  6. I simply adore Lauren's hairstyle and her hair colour. Basket-weave plait seems really cool!

  7. Love the neat fishtail!!!

  8. All these people's hair styles look so pretty and amazing especially lauren's. Hamdi:)xxx



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