Monday 11 August 2014


Reader Blue won a signed copy of SWEET HONEY on a recent comp on my Facebook Fanpage… here's her verdict on the 5th Chocolate Box Girls instalment!

Blue says:
As with all of Cathy's books, once I picked up SWEET HONEY I could not put it down again until I had (metaphorically) devoured every last word. I don't know where to start or how to find the words to tell people just how brilliant this book is. The themes it deals with are tough subjects to approach, but Cathy handles them beautifully, sensitive to readers who may be in similar situations but always honest. You can feel all the emotions Honey does - despair, anger, fear, relief - through the writing.
As an English geek, I couldn't help but notice her masterful use of the English language; Cathy conjures up images, feelings and ideas in her readers simply though her language and writing style, which I consider to be a superpower!
You feel like you're there in Australia with Honey, seeing things through her eyes. It's easy to see with this book how many readers who disliked Honey at the start of the series have grown to like her and identify with her. Cathy takes all your preconceptions and stereotypes about characters and situations and turns them on their heads. Near the end of the book, I was learning new things with each paragraph - it's so easy to judge people on what they've done, to write them off as evil, but Cathy is determined to teach us that just because someone does something bad, it doesn't necessarily make them a bad person.
They could be ill or upset or angry - Cathy wants us to think about why people the way they do.
I admire how Cathy uses her writing to spread knowledge and understanding and hope. I would give this book five out of five cupcakes (because stars are so cliched, right?). I really can't recommend it enough. For anyone planning to read SWEET HONEY - surely, you can't resist? - prepare for shocks, smiles and almost-tears. P.S: I'm 99.99% sure I know the subject of the mysterious sequel FORTUNE COOKIE… but I'm staying schtum! That's for readers to find out for themselves…

Cathy says:
Ahem, blush, blush… thank you Blue! Have YOU read SWEET HONEY yet? What was YOUR reaction to the book? COMMENT BELOW to tell me what you think or email me here if you'd like to submit your own in-depth review!


  1. I haven't read sweet honey yet. like I said loads of times before, I'm a new reader. I think maybe I might give it a go....

    1. do give it a go! sweet honey is an amazing book and I throughly recommend it. Hamdi:)xxx

  2. I read "Sweet Honey" in less than a day, and I agree with Blue whole-heartedly! I think it may even be my favourite Cathy Cassidy book. I really felt what Honey was feeling and was kept in suspense until the very end. I can't wait until "Fortune Cookie" comes out!
    By the way, it was lovely meeting you at the book festival yesterday, Cathy :)

  3. OH WOW! I think 'sweet Honey' is going to go in with my top 10 favourite books! It's AWESOME!

  4. I read the fifth instalment of the 'Chocolate Box Girls' on my Year 6 residential. I had purchased it to last me the whole trip but was finished in one day! As many people would admit, I'm sure, once you pick up a copy of Sweet Honey you cannot put it down! I love the complex plot and of course the intense twists, plus the typical teenager character - Honey. Rebellion sparks inside her and always will... This is why I love her so! You never know what comes next from Honey Tanberry! I would recommend this read to anyone who is a Cathy Cassidy fan or someone who wants to try something new (if that is the case make sure you start with the first book, Cherry Crush ;) ).

  5. Ahh it sounds like the best CC book ever!!!!!!♥♡★☆

  6. I have read Sweet Honey and it's truly fabulous! Words cannot describe how it effected me. The cover is gorgeous and bright and full of life: just like Honey herself! Of course, it's what's on the inside that counts but each chapter is equally as beautiful. Yes! Words CAN be beautiful!



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