Friday 29 August 2014


Reader Deborah, who was my superfan at the fabulous Queen of Teen ceremony recently, spills the beans on what happened there…

Deborah says:
The Queen of Teen Ceremony was amazing. When you put things like books, quirky authors, a pink carpet and a buffet with nothing but cake, you could make any girl smile! Meeting Cathy was a dream I had from the first hour I became a fan. I always imagined her signing my books and asking me what I want to do in life. The reality was ten times better than my dream! Cathy was super friendly and been worried I wouldn't get there in time (I was over an hour late because of bad traffic!). She gave me a notebook for my own stories - this reminded me a lot of when Charlotte gave Cherry a notebook in Cherry Crush! I am totally saving it for when I write a bestseller!

The ceremony was even more amazing. There were boards with all the shortlisted authors printed up on them - I have one with Cathy's signature on it! The cake stands in the food tent were overflowing with treats! There were piles of books on every table for readers to take for free and then get signed by the authors, and the rows of seats came right up to the front of the marquee where the throne was! The thought of my speech totally slipped my mind so when it was my turn to give a superfan speech I just resorted to telling the story of my life and how Cathy's books had helped me, and afterwards everybody  complimented me on how good my speech was. Holly Smale even wrote 'great speech' in my copy of her book when she signed it!

On the whole, the ceremony was a dream come true. I met the best author in the world and many of her colleagues, ate the best cakes ever and took in so much happiness I stayed in dreamland for weeks afterwards! I got a gift bag and books from the other authors and brought along EVERY Cathy Cassidy  book printed that I own to be signed! People wait a lifetime for a moment like that day and I honestly can't believe it all happened to me!

Cathy says:
It was a privilege for ME to meet such a talented and enthusiastic reader as Deborah - I couldn't have asked for a better 'superfan'! I may not have won the award this year - the new Queen of Teen is the one and only James Dawson, flying the flag for equality. Have YOU ever had a dream-come-true-day? COMMENT BELOW to tell us more, or to have your say on Deborah's experience!

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  1. I don't think I've had a dream come true day yet. But one day I hope to meet u; cathy cassidy coz u r the best author in the whole world and it would be my dream to meet u.:) plz come to north london. thnx Hamdi:)xxx ps: i love ur books and this blog is so fun and the layout is so pretty.



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