Sunday 24 August 2014


Another in our occasional series about inspiring mums and daughters… we meet Imogen and Denise!

Denise (mum) says:
I work as a receptionist in a helicopter flying school. I oversee the business each weekend and sometimes deal with confidential paperwork as well as managing the electronic diary, bookings, cancellations and allocating aircraft; I take care of the visitors to the school, in short! I have a lot of responsibility and I thoroughly enjoy it!

Imogen is a great daughter; she's funny and she makes me laugh when I really don't want to! She's very kind, caring and compassionate, with both people and animals. She adores animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up - at her age, I was exactly the same! Imogen attends our local Stagecoach Theatre Arts School where she has classes in dancing, singing and drama. Every year around Easter, the students put on a show for friends and family. I love watching her and seeing how her confidence has grown over the years! She's a great swimmer, too, and swims for the local team, and I am so proud of her.

The two of us get on really well most of the time; things only go downhill if either of us are quite tired, and then we can become a bit snappy! It never lasts long, though… one of us will accept the blame, we have a big hug and the grumpiness is forgotten. I encourage Imogen to talk to me about anything she would like to; we both enjoy chatting to each other and I think this communication is the basis of a great relationship. My wish for Imogen is that she stays healthy and happy and achieves all her dreams… I believe she will!

Imogen (daughter) says:
My mum is totally the best in the world. She has inspired me in so many ways! She encourages me to be kind to animals - sometimes we rescue poorly animals and Mum teaches me how to nurse them in a caring and gentle way. We then let them go into the wild when they are strong enough. Mum also
encourages me to try my hardest at all times, no matter how I feel, and to stay calm as much as possible in tests.

I absolutely LOVE my mum's job as she works around helicopters, which is amazing - not many people get to do that! She brings me a cupcake that she saves for me every weekend when she returns home. There is a downside to Mum's work for me, because she works at weekends and this limits the amount of time I can spend with her. I think we are quite similar in some ways, as we like most of the same things and have lots of fun together. I try to support my mum in turn with her swimming, by showing her how at ease I am in the water to let her see there is nothing to worry about. I think my mum and I get on very well… we hardly ever fall out!

Cathy says:
It's clear the bond between Denise and Imogen is very strong - and I love that they share many of the same interests and values! Do YOU have an awesome mum? COMMENT BELOW to give her a shout-out or make a comment on this feature!


  1. That sounds soooo cool! I'd love my mum to work in a helicopter business. I could fly almost everyday! ;o)

  2. Ikr it sounds so cool! Hamdi:)xxx

  3. that's so cool! my mum stopped working after she had me and all my siblings, and she was only an office worker. she's still great though, and there's a bonus: she never embarasses me!



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